Kerbal Space Program Is Officially 'Complete'

Briefly: Kerbal Space Program, one of the best-loved Early Access games ever, is officially "complete". The wacky spacecraft construction sim just hit version 1.0, bringing with it a complete flight model overhaul, a heating simulation, and resource mining, among other things. It's the game's biggest update to date, apparently.


    Really wanted to get into this game, got the construction pretty well down packed but I am afraid I've yet to be able to master any of the strange rocket science stuff that follows.

      I've mastered massive explosions. Also sometimes orbits and re-entries. Mainly pretty explosions.

        Prof. Trikeabout Ph.D in rocket science*

        *Read: explosions

      Mechjeb auto pilot goes a long way to solving this problem for me.

      Step one - go up. Get to about 70km. At about 10km, turn in one direction about 10 degrees, go into map, and wait until the AP part of the launch line is 70km out - mouse over it, shows distance. Wait until you get to the AP, aim the craft at the green triangle shape on the nav ball without the X in the circle. This is prograde, and means direction of travel. Gun engines until orbit is circle, and PE(opposite of AP) is about 65km out.

      That's orbit. Pretty much everything else is a variation of this. To come back down, point towards green with X(retrograde) and burn until pe dips below 55km

        actually, new aerodynamics make a proper gravity turn better. Turn 5 degrees right at launch, and then follow the prograde marker's edge until you get the AP above 70km (80+ for wriggle room).

          once you hit around 30m/s do the turn and make sure centre of thrust is below the centre of mass for the stages used in the atmosphere. Another big mistake is dropping your solid fuel booster and going 100% throttle on your second stage liquid engine, toggle it back and increase speed slowly, this is the one where your mass to thrust will flip you out.

          When you design your rocket, put the mass and thrust up then toggle the fuel to empty to see what happens with the mass, if it drops below the thrust you will lose aerodynamics.

      Down packed? Had to look that one up.

    Its an explosion sim masquerading as a space sim. With cheerful critters! And a huge time sink. Checks my steam log of 200+ hours.

    I have been able to get to the Mun and back i cant figure out how to get to the other planets

      Mun is easy once you get the hang of it. I've sent probes to the 1 outer and 1 inner planet from launching planet. Don't know the names, and I wanted to get a kerbin to one of the planets, but only if I could get them back safely.

      Packing more fuel helped but only so much. Needed to use different engines for effiecency once in space, but didn't get those unlocked. Played the career mode.

        Nice I was nearly ready to start trying for the other planets but an update went through, when they introduced currency, and that threw me out entirely. I had to start again in science mode I couldn't get the hang of the contracts

          You can edit your save file. Just dont forget to keep a back up. I just changed currency to a big number once the patch came out.

            It is far too late I have just started again

    Um, mate. You spelt it wrong.

    Its 'Komplete'

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