Killing Floor 2 Dev Highlights Australia As Problem Region For Classification

We recently had a long conversation with Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire regarding its quest for gory perfection. Seeing a game like this and living in Australia, you can’t help but think “well, the Classification Board isn’t going to like that”. Turns out the studio has similar concerns.

In a post to the game’s community forum on Steam, developer Jared Creasy outlines the realities of bringing a title as, uh, detailed as Killing Floor 2 to countries such as Germany, Japan and of course, Australia:

It is quite likely that there are some regions where we may be required to make cuts in the future, particularly in the gore system, to comply with local ratings boards, once we get the game into its full release status. Regions most likely at risk of this are Germany (via USK) and Australia (via OFLC). Japan is another possibility (via CERO), but is an unknown quantity to us. To be quite clear: this means that, if you are buying from a region which regularly forces cuts on to games for gore, you may get reduced gore when we go to the full release version of the game.

Creasy goes on to mention that a change to the game on Steam for a particular region should retroactively apply to all associated keys, so even if already have Killing Floor 2, you’ll still get a modified version if Tripwire is required to make alterations.

The game comes out on 21 April, just a few days away, so it’s likely we’ll see something from the Classification Board soon. The original Killing Floor mustered an MA 15+ rating, but a lot has changed with the Australian classification system between 2009 and today, so the new one could easily end up with an R rating.

Will the game be censored for my region? [Steam]

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