Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Since yesterday, Square Enix has been teasing a new game via a three-day alternate reality game that was due to end tomorrow. Today, an early leak from a Russian website (as found by NeoGAF) has revealed that the big surprise is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a sequel to 2011's Human Revolution.

Mankind Divided is for PS4, Xbox One and PC, according to the leak. No word on a release date yet. We'll likely hear more about the game as soon as Square makes it official.

Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC


    I'd say "I didn't ask for this" but that would be a lie. I think this is the second best news Square could have given me, after announcing Sleeping Dogs II: This time with a Proper Budget.

      I wasn't aware of a Sleeping Dogs 2 announcement?
      when did this happen?

        Sorry to get your hopes up, I was just saying the only better news than a DXHR sequel (for me) would be a Sleeping Dogs sequel - only one that doesn't go unfinished because it runs out of money.

        To my knowledge there is no Sleeping Dogs sequel in development, but I am holding out hope.

          Well... I've got some bad news for you.

            Yeah, I was very disappointed when I heard there was a new game coming and that turned out to be it, but I really don't think it's existence has any impact on whether we might see a Sleeping Dogs 2 in the future.

    I can always use more Deus Ex. =) Hopefully they use Smartglass for something interesting. A second touch screen fits nicely with this series.
    I'm guessing we'll see another Human Revolution - Directors Cut port between now and then which I should object to, but honestly I'll be happy to have an excuse to play it again.

      If you have a Wii U u should get a copy of the directors cut on it. I got mine for $25 at JB a while ago, so might be cheaper now. The second screen integration worked really well for it, made the game much more immersive.

      Last edited 08/04/15 10:26 am

    But wasn't the cannon ending jensen dieing? Looks like him in the screen shots above...
    I wonder if this will explain why megan was a bitch?
    Also, i hope the camera hasn't got the golden shower effect on it this time :/

      I thought the cannon ending was "Press one of 4 buttons to see a cutscene then reload to see all of the alternate endings, thus making all of the choices you made through the game nothing but window dressing".

      It was one of the few bad parts of the game

        far better then having to replay the game 4 times for the 4 endings, but that was the least of the games many problems

        Agreed, the endings were terrible. I watched all of them at the time and now can't remember a single one!

          I watched one ending and was so disappointed with the few boring lines of dialogue and static screens they showed that I didn't even bother loading my pre-ending save to see what the others were like.

          Even so, still a great game and looking forward to this a lot.

            While the endings were badly executed, I still really liked them. They make you think about and question the direction we as a species are heading too.

          #1: Stuff Happened!
          #2: Slightly Different Stuff Happened!
          #3: Significantly Different Stuff Happened!
          #4: You Decided To Not Push A Button And Things Went On As Normal!

          It really felt like the end was tacked on at the last minute when they ran out of money, both in terms of concept and execution. Here's hoping they won't waste money outsourcing boss fights and put that into developing something like an ending to their game this time...

            A lot of people feel this but those would be people who judge far too quickly and rule out all perspectives except for their first impression. Thematically and narrative wise, the endings each had a poignant climax that affected the perspective and your choices if you chose to think and not get caught up in arbitrarily counting things. Same goes for Mass Effect.

        Twelve endings - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHvTI9l5Xj0

        I thought it was a nice to have Jensen change his ending dialogue (albeit ever so slightly) depending on your actions in-game without the dreaded MORALITY BAR hovering around.

        I imagine they hoped your ending - out of the possible 12 - would resonate with you the most without needing to see the others.

        I can only pray that they flesh out this sort of ending with something more substantial in the sequel.

      The cannon ending was where Jensen got fired out of a large metal tube.

      The canon ending, however...

      (Actually, didn't DX -> DX:IW have the same issue?)

    YES. Day one purchase. Human Revolution was a masterpiece (I played the DC edition).

    Is that a sign saying Policie?

    Adam Jensen headed to the Czech Republic?

    I wonder if they're actually going to use one of the endings this time or mash them altogether. Kinda glad Jensen is still around though

    Please don't fuck up the boss fights, and make killing as viable as stealth this time.

      Or no boss fights! They just felt wrong to me and broke the flow of the game.

      Actually I have no bloody idea why people are complaining about boss fights. I don't see people complaining about Metal Gear Solid about boss fight? It is a pure stealth game but there was still boss fights to make it great.

      DE:HR borrow so much element from MGS series but for some reason getting bashed for it. It is just so weird.

        It was likely because previous Deus Ex games allowed you the choice of what to do when coming up to boss situations. There were quite a few times where you could talk your way out of it, avoiding a physical confrontation (not unlike the Saren boss fight in Mass Effect 1), or that your choices would mean that the boss character would have no reason to fight you. DE:HR felt jarring for people because while there was a number of choices for tackling each situation throughout the rest of the game (although, granted, a lot of the time there was a clear 'best' option), this completely disappears as soon as you get to the boss fights.

        Your only choice is to fight, and for the most part they were pretty poorly designed bosses. Metal Gear was always about stealthin' until you get caught (with some adaptions for those who wanted to shoot their way through everything as the series went on), and while utilising stealth to get the drop on a boss became more and more of an common thing as the series grew, there was never the expectation that you could use conversation to get out of a fight.

    Human Revolution is probably my favorite AAA game released in the last 8 years or so. The true sequel to the original Deus Ex. Hopefully this one is as good.

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