Let’s Try To Get Goku In Smash Bros, Guys

Let’s Try To Get Goku In Smash Bros, Guys

Guys. This is our chance. We can get Goku from Dragon Ball Z into Smash Bros.… maybe!

Today during the Nintendo Direct, a new Smash Bros. initiative was unveiled. Turns out, Bandai is now taking suggestions for who to include in Smash Bros., presumably as a DLC character. You can vote for pretty much anyone you want, right here. They write:

Do you want your favourite video-game character to join the battle in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U? Well, here’s your chance. If you post a video-game character’s name, we’ll consider turning that character into a Smash fighter! Please limit your vote to one per person.

Note: Your vote may be made public via the Internet.

The deadline for entry is 10/3/2015.

You know what that means, right?

Let’s Try To Get Goku In Smash Bros, Guys

I hope you join me in my campaign for Goku 2015. Other acceptable choices include Waluigi, Knuckles, or Obama. This is your only chance, Internet. Make me proud and vote for someone completely ridiculous in Smash Bros.

OK, all kidding aside, do make sure to cast your vote in! Maybe we’ll get someone interesting in the game. Or maybe it will just be Ridley. Who knows!


  • I just went to this site and put a vote in for Banjo and Kazooie. I think they’ll make far more sense as a smash fighter than goku would. Join me!

    • My first thought was for Banjo and Kazooie! I feel like they would make a far more unique and enjoyable character to play.

    • I’d say that has a slim chance of happening, especially considering it would be a re-skin of Duck Hunt.

      But god I’d like to see it happen…

  • If we’re going to get anyone in it’ll require actual reasons. If you want Goku you’ll need to give real reasons.
    I seriously doubt Waluigi as he is an assist trophy, but the model is in the game so it’d be easier. My prediction will be Blastoise and Chesnaught.

  • If you want to fight as goku just get the Jump Vs game when it comes out ?

    I voted for Cress from the original tales of phantasia because i miss 2d tales games 😛

  • I voted for Isaac from Golden Sun, I considered Felix or Garet but Isaac was already a trophy so I figured he’d be more likely.
    My next choice would probably be any CO from Advance Wars.

  • Skull kid
    Spyro the dragon
    Shovel knight
    Pokemon trainer (Female)
    That spikey-haired guy with key-sword
    Those little dinosaur guys from Taito’s puzzle bobble
    Toejam and earl
    Tom nook
    Dr. Eggman or Dr. Wily
    Someone, anyone to represent classic Castlevania

  • i voted for zeke from zombies ate my neighbours. there are enough cool weapons and power ups from that game to really make him a great character to play as in smash bros. and he has an iconic look with his tall blonde hair, black skull t-shirt and old school 3d glasses.

  • Shouldn’t you put Dragon Ball Xenoverse as the game he appeared in because that was the latest game on major consoles

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