Looks Like Batman Won't Be Fighting Alone In Arkham Knight

Looks Like Batman Won't Be Fighting Alone in Arkham Knight

The newest teaser for Batman: Arkham Knight makes one thing clear: The Dark Knight won't be going solo this time.

The latest teaser for Batman: Arkham Knight focuses on Batman's allies and shows a bunch of co-op attacks that Bruce Wayne's masked alter ego can pull off with Robin and Nightwing. From the sounds of it, players will be able to switch between the three superheroes — and maybe others — during combat.

Says Warner Bros. in a press release:

For the first time ever, watch Batman: Arkham Knight's exciting new "Dual Play" feature in action, which will allow players to seamlessly switch between The Dark Knight and his allies including Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman in FreeFlow Combat.

And sure seems like that trailer is teasing a Batman death pretty hard, doesn't it? Narration in the latter part is by Azrael, who took over for a critically injured Batman in the comic book continuity. Nightwing did the same when Batman was presumed dead a few years ago. Killing off Batman would be a ballsy way for Rocksteady to end this trilogy. We'll see when Arkham Knight comes out in June.


    This sounds awesome to me, but why no Batgirl?

      Oracle is in the game... you can see her in the trailer.

      Maybe they'll sell her as DLC (this is a Warner Brothers game).

        Lol only just saw your post

        Could always give us Stephanie Brown or something, I'm pretty sure the Arkham-verse Robin is Tim Drake

          Pretty sure you are dead on, Damian hasn't even been seen and Redhood is already confirmed to be a character on his own.

      Possibly in Arkham Knight Barbara is still Oracle keeping in sweet with the previous games, otherwise she might return as Batgirl for dlc provided she has recovered from her injuries :-)

      I'm not 100% sure but I believe that she is the wheelchair bound Barbara Gordon in the Arkham series

      And we all know that comic books take continuity very seriously.

      Don't forget our friend DLC as well!

        When Game Informer did the reveal for this game, they talked about her being in a wheelchair, so I believe you are correct.

      Pretty hard to fight crime when you're a paraplegic (at least from a physical altercation stand point).

      Last edited 28/04/15 4:22 pm

        @dr_neeson, @baron

        There was another Batgirl while Barbara Gordon was in her wheelchair. Also in the comic books thanks to a donation from the Wayne Corparation Barbara underwent a radical surgical procedure that not only allowed her to walk again but also resume her role as Batgirl.

        Even if it's only in a co-op challenge mode I do like the idea of it.

        Tell that to Tony Stark!

          Yeah but the Bat family (with the exception of Batwing) don't wear that heavy of armour in every day combat, Bruce wears the occasional battle suite, but Tony pretty much breaths battle armour in order to not get turned into pulp.

    I can't see this working in the story; it's probably only for the challenge room stuff.

    I wonder if it will be like GTAV where the other characters will just be running around Gotham beating up people by themselves until you take control of them

    Will this have that annoying "cinematic" slowdown on every punch that you lay on your opponent?

    Completely put me off Arkham City

    Why does Batman look like a bodybuilder in the Arkham games? Seriously, he looks so musclebound it's amazing he can break into a run.

    Quite different from his usual very-muscular-but-still-athletic body in other media.

      To be fair since new 52 Bruce has become a bit of a beef cake.

    Super-hyped for this game but not necessarily for a character-swapping feature. I like the core of the gameplay as it is - swooping around Gotham being a total fucking badarse - and I don't think having a sidekick with you adds at all to that solid basic platform for awesomeness.
    If they're going to implement in in the campaign it pretty much has to be a core feature - otherwise what's the point of having it at all?
    I'm leaning more to the idea that it's a feature of the combat scenarios... some auxillary game mode which I can take or leave. Keep the campign pure and I'll 100% it like I did with Asylum and City.

    So maybe the Arkham Knight is Azreal?

    Looks like the Batwing delivers either upgrades or repairs to the Batmobile, at first I thought it became part of the Batmobile, like it appears to in the Batman vs Superman movie.

      Did you even watch the trailer? You can clearly see Azrael at the 1:14 mark, heck I am damn sure that is him talking just after said point.

        jeez sorry I seemed to have offended your delicate disposition. do you need a tissue? Did you even read the article?

        Is it possible he is ALSO the Arkham Knight, or perhaps controlling him?

        Last edited 28/04/15 7:22 pm

          I wasn't really offended or anything I must have miss typed something as that was not the mood I was going for, if not something more along the lines of jovial. Unless its a new character it would make sense that it is Redhood, heck he even fights like good ol' Jason in all the trailers. Lots of acrobatics and side arm fire.

            I'm guessing the "did you even watch?" was the problem.

      If you played AC, one of the side missions foretold this stuff.

    The real question for me is, will the rumor of this leading in to a JL game be true?

      Seems pretty plausible considering they are introducing character swapping in this.

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