Looks Like This Will Be The Darkest Justice League Cartoon Ever

Looks Like This Will Be The Darkest Justice League Cartoon Ever

Superman is General Zod's son. Wonder Woman's the daughter of Ares, evil god of war. And Batman? He's an actual vampire. Things are going to be different in the next animated Justice League movie.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters won't be like the other recent animated film projects from Warner Brothers. This one won't be adapting its plot from any DC Comics storylines. It's an all-new story created by Bruce Timm, the artist and animator who helped usher in a new wave of cartoon excellence with the Batman animated show from the 1990s. Timm's return to the helm of a new Justice League project, along with the fact that this won't be a story where you already know what happens, should make Gods and Monsters a project to be excited about.


    I think the palette of colours is still quite bright and warm. They'd need a lot more sepia tones to make it the darkest!

    They just need pre 52 vampire batman for it to be dark.

    This looks like it's gonna be a fun little re-imagining for sure. I'm keen for it.

    It's certainly interesting, I'd have loved to have learned more about the Thomas Wayne Batman from the Flashpoint Movie.

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