Mad Max: Fury Road Continues To Look Absolutely Insane

Warner Bros. just released the latest trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road and wow. This movie just looks absolutely crazy.

Just the world, the characters, the aesthetic — the whole vibe of this project has just got me frothing at the mouth. I haven't been this excited for a movie in a long, long time.

It comes out in May. THAT'S LIKE A WHOLE MONTH AWAY.


    Mark if I freeze myself can you please revive me on May 15? Cheers mate.

      but you'll miss out on Avengers 2

        Pffft, I will have to catch the bluray :P
        My Mad Max fan drive is stronger than that for marvel, even if its only slightly!

    I'm buying a ticket purely for the guitar with flames coming out of it. Anything else is just a bonus.

    ....Did they just play the whole movie in fast forward?

      That's how I felt. I had fireball fatigue after the trailer was done.

      I wish I were excited by this but it looks even more bombastic than Beyond Thunderdome. Also, although it's too early to know exactly what's going on, I find the 'mobile harem' thing weird. I think I preferred it when petrol was the sought after commodity...

    Seriously cannot wait :D It looks like they've done a great job honoring Mad Max 2 ^_^

    There's a slight tingling sensation in my loins because of this movie..

      I spotted a chastity belt about to be removed, interesting.

    Easily my most anticipated movie of 2015. Even if it's only half as good as these trailers, it'll still be better than 90% of today's action flicks.

      Absolutely. The fact Millers used actual oil laden diesel and petrol explosions to give that black, dirty effect speaks volumes. Could've gone all Bay and given us crappy pyrotechnics + cgi, but nope, pure Miller with nothing but the best!

    Perfect day to add "The director of Happy Feet and Babe: Pig in the City" after the "From mastermind George Miller" card.

    Last edited 01/04/15 11:50 am

      & the auteur behind the smash hit video game LA Noire.

    I have only one gripe. And that is the lack of Auatralian actors in main roles. Imagine if we'd had Bana, Jackman or a Hemsworth take the Max role.
    Otherwise, super keen.

      True, but NOT those 3!! arghh!!
      Maybe Jackman could do it, but the others? oh no no no

      Hell even if Tom Hardy put on an Aussie accent! I'm sure he could nail it.

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