One Of Mortal Kombat’s New Characters Is Gay

One Of Mortal Kombat’s New Characters Is Gay

A bunch of new characters are ripping each other’s body parts out in Mortal Kombat X. That’s nothing new in the decades-old fighting series. But, a gay character? That is definitely new.

Kung Jin — a one of the new Shaolin Monks fighting for Earthrealm — appears to be the first gay male character in Mortal Kombat. The revelation comes during a flashback cutscene.

Relevant dialogue starts at about 3:30 in the video above, where Raiden says, “Self-loathing has always been an unfortunate part of your make-up.” Later, after the thunder god tries to get Kung Jin to follow in his ancestors’ footsteps and become a warrior monk, Kung Jin says, “I can’t… They won’t accept…” Raiden — who knows what the young mortal’s talking about because, well, he’s a god — replies by saying, “They care about only what is in your heart; not whom your heart desires.”

The interpretation of this particular character beat — first talked up at Gay Star News — was seemingly confirmed in a tweet by NetherRealm cinematic director Dominic Cianciolo, where he said, “I see people are picking up on the subtle exposition contained in Kung Jin’s flashback. Glad we have observant fans!”


    • Yeah, me too.

      I’m still working my way through the story mode but I could have sworn he was flirting with Jacqui Briggs in an earlier cinematic. Or maybe that was the other dude.

  • If this is legit, then I’ve found my new fatality pinyata.

    This game is about Mortal Kombat, not who is punching someone elses butt.

    • While I respect your right to say things like this – wow. That’s really pathetic.

      There are plenty of women to murder in this game, after all…

  • Too bad he’s the biggest asshole and most unlikable character in the game….

  • Wait so if I fight him am I now committing a Hate Crime?

    Alright so that was a joke in poor taste, how long until the mass media decide that Mortal Kombat X is extremely Homophobic.

  • That’s pretty cool =)
    I’m gay and been a fan of MK since I was a kid so it’s interesting to see it.
    Also good to see it wasn’t shoved down the viewers throat.
    reminds me a little of Dee-Ay in Operation Raccoon City.

    • The game might not shove it down your throat, but you can bet the gaming media most certainly will…

      • How is gaming media shoving it down your throat? you clicked on the article. Kotaku did not force you to click on it.

        • Read and COMPREHEND what I wrote before you comment

          It’ll only take you a few moments to really understand what I wrote, @rikukey9 understood what I was saying

  • Before the comment from the team member I’d assumed it meant he’d fallen in love with somebody, not necessarily a man. That a spiritual group like the Shaolin would expect celibacy is a reasonable assumption; in that case any sort of relationship likely would’ve affected Jin’s standing amongst them. And while Liu Kang might’ve had the hots for Kitana, at least in the games it stayed platonic.

    But hey, if the devs have come out (sorry) and said he swings that way, okay, why not. Or, we could get into dreary talk about the idea of death of the author and take this discussion into next week…

  • A monk abstains from sex and sexual relations. Raidens comment “Not whom your heart desires” could refer to anyone, any sex.
    I fail to see how this makes him gay.
    Really clutching at straws.

  • Didn’t he and Jacqui have kind of a romance subplot? Or was that Takeda? I already forgot most of the story.

    Although speaking of Takeda, after you beat him the first round, he farts when he stands up. Weird.

  • I think that’s what happens when you get blasted in the ass. Things they don’t show you in porn.

  • Subtle hint and that was all they needed.

    I have actually enjoyed the storyline in the game, it almost feels like a filler until the next MK tournament focused game though.

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