Mewtwo Will Be Available On Smash Bros On April 28

Mewtwo Will Be Available on Smash Bros. On April 28th

Video: Hooray! He's almost here. You can watch him in action in his character reveal trailer below.


    They also announced Lucas is coming as DLC too, and they have opened a public ballot for requests for more characters:

    Wait... It looks like he still has the same moveset from Melee, which is what Lucario uses...

    So... why has it taken them 3+ months to get him ready exactly? I mean, I'm glad he's finally coming out but seriously, why did it take so long?


      Mewtwo and Lucario have extremely different movesets, the only thing they have in common is that shadow ball and Aura Sphere are similar. almost every other move they have is completely different.

      Seriously, when Mewtwo is out put them together (or watch a video of people who hacked mewtwo back into brawl with lucario) and compare their moves, they could not be any more different characters...

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    Genesect reference was cool, bit disappointed about the lack of a cool intro video

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