Minecraft Brings Woman Main Character To Consoles

Minecraft Brings Woman Main Character To Consoles

For many years, Minecraft's only default character skin on consoles belonged to a guy named Steve. As of this week, that's changing. Soon you'll be able to play as a woman too.

On Wednesday, developer Mojang will release a new set of skins for a lady they're calling Alex (pictured in various forms above). Minecraft players will get it for free on every platform, and anyone who starts a new game will now get to decide between Steve and Alex, which is rad, because diverse choices are a Very Good Thing. (Alex was previously available on PC, but she'll now be open to all players.)

Now who wants to write the first piece of Steve/Alex fanfiction?


    Let's make it a rolling fic. I'll start.

    "Wow, Alex," Steve said, sweat glistening on his brow. "You sure are good with that pickaxe."
    "You don't even even know the half of it," Alex retorted.

      "I bet you know how to handle all types of tools, Alex" said Steve with a grin on his face.
      Alex face turned serious as she responded, "Let's keep this within the classification level, Steve. The Australian classification board is watching".

    Edit: this was supposed to be in reply to @janexo

    "They call me the creeper, baby. Two seconds and I blow."

    Am I doing this right?

    Last edited 28/04/15 12:22 pm

      I was going to make a joke about how Minecraft cats repel Creepers, but I don't think it would be particularly appropriate.

    Steve? is non-gendered. Why should you be allowed to play as a woman, but not a man?

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