Minecraft's Rocks Don't Burn, And Other Geological Lies

Minecraft's Rocks Don't Burn, And Other Geological Lies

Are there kids out there who think the real world actually works like Minecraft? Geoscience Australia, a department of the federal government, seems to think so.

So they've released a chart that compares the minerals found under the ground in Minecraft to their actual, IRL properties.

If you're old enough to be reading this website, you likely (hopefully?) won't find it educational, but you may find it entertaining:

Putting cobblestone into a furnace will not create stone. It would, in fact, achieve nothing but a very warm rock.

Minecraft's Rocks Don't Burn, And Other Geological Lies


    Minecraft is not based on earth /topic

    So, basically, Lapis Lasuli behaves exactly like it does in minecraft.

    Also note how they don't say that diamond is not used for weapons...

    I bet "Anatomy of Mortal Kombat" is next.

    "Putting your hands on someone's back WILL NOT allow you to rip a hole in their stomach! If you somehow manage to do so, however, please refrain from referencing famous horror films."O RLY?!

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    I actually think this is great. Hopefully encourages some tangential learning with kids who play Minecraft that might actually find some of the real-world counterparts fascinating.

    I know I breezed through History at school with no small thanks to Age of Empires II, and then went on to actively seek out more information above and beyond what either source provided.

      Oh man AoE2 for history classes was phenominal.
      Mum, I need to play the computer!
      For uh, history assignment research.

      Funny thing is I did actually use the characters and scenarios in AoE2 for my history assignments, I just played the levels themselves as a break between writing up the report.

        Yeah that's how I managed to be allowed PC games on the "good" computer - ITS FOR SCHOOL MUM

    :D these are brilliant! ty for drawing this to my attention.

    Haha, this is rather adorable. I think I'm going to pick up Minecraft again sometime soon.

    God, my taxes paid for this

      I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll give you the thousandth of a cent of your tax dollars that went towards paying for this.

    Wow this stuff is actually cool. There are actually people who work for our government who's brains aren't stuck in the 20th century!

    Something tells me that kids aren't into Minecraft because they're interested in Geology.

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