Mortal Kombat Nut Punches Are Brutal

Mortal Kombat Nut Punches Are Brutal

Holy crap, Cassie Cage. Those of you playing Mortal Kombat X have probably already seen this, but given how ridiculous it is, I thought it was worth sharing. Cassie Cage has an X-Ray move where she punches characters so hard, their balls erupt. Seriously.

Content warning: this post includes footage of violently exploding balls. Possibly NSFW!

Curiously, when you try this out on characters without nuts, this is what happens:

No bursting balls, but still looks damned painful! It’s the crunch that does it, I think. Augh.

I guess she learned a thing or two from her dad, huh?

Between this and the selfie fatality, Cassie has become one of my favourite characters in Mortal Kombat. <3

And now, in GIF form:

The fact I tested this out on Scorpion is just a coincidence, I swear.


  • and she’s wearing practical clothing attire. As well as being the most successful selling Mortal Kombat to date. So everybody crying about sex sells were obviously wrong.

    But enjoy a woman metaphorically busting your balls.

  • I’m pretty sure that one of her brutalities makes that move explode the opponents head Instead. Which is nice

    Edit: it’s actually Johnny

  • My partner’s nephew and I were playing when we encountered this one for the first time. Made us both cringe, even my partner said “owwwwww! And gross.” 😛

  • Gotta hand it to them, it’s not often you see testicles sans scrotum in video games.
    Erm, well, you don’t often see testicles with scrotum in video games either. Actually, with the advent of Sniper Elite, you probably see more without scrotum than with.

  • Funny how any kind of game that a woman is “acted upon” is misogynistic and abhorrent, yet this is all it takes for Cassie to become Patricias favourite character and warrants an article.

    Would this get the same response if the tables were turned and female genital destruction was the outcome? Shame on you Patricia and shame on you Kotaku.

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