Mortal Kombat Nut Punches Are Brutal

Mortal Kombat Nut Punches Are Brutal

Holy crap, Cassie Cage. Those of you playing Mortal Kombat X have probably already seen this, but given how ridiculous it is, I thought it was worth sharing. Cassie Cage has an X-Ray move where she punches characters so hard, their balls erupt. Seriously.

Content warning: this post includes footage of violently exploding balls. Possibly NSFW!

Curiously, when you try this out on characters without nuts, this is what happens:

No bursting balls, but still looks damned painful! It’s the crunch that does it, I think. Augh.

I guess she learned a thing or two from her dad, huh?

Between this and the selfie fatality, Cassie has become one of my favourite characters in Mortal Kombat. <3

And now, in GIF form:

Mortal Kombat Nut Punches Are Brutal

The fact I tested this out on Scorpion is just a coincidence, I swear.

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