Mortal Kombat X Has Broken Street Date In Australia

It's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned street date, but it looks as though Mortal Kombat X, scheduled for release tomorrow in Australia, in now officially on sale, with EB Games announcing that it is officially selling the game.

EB Games typically doesn't sell anything unless it has express permission from the publisher, in this case Warner Brothers so we expect that most other retailers will follow suit.

No word on who started selling first, but the fact that Mortal Kombat X is scheduled for released on April 14 in most other territories might have been the source of confusion here.

Regardless, if you have a pre-order or you were waiting until tomorrow to pick up the game, you need wait no longer!


    Aww crap, was gonna get my copy from Target tomorrow for $69. Should I pay the extra $30 and get it early or wait another day. AAAARRRGGGHHH THE TEMPTATION!

      Was just about to ask if anyone knows if they'll price match Target?

        Wait target are selling MKX.... Won't somebody think of the children!!!

          Exactly! What in the actual fuck Target? Also Target didn't sell The Handsome Collection keeping its price super inflated at other retailers

        EB Games do price matching. They don't neccessarily advertise it, but they do it.

      if Target have it on the shelves for $69 then EB will price match.

        No they won't, asked about price matching at my local EB multiple times and they refuse to do it.

          From their Facebook:

          "I have seen a product at a cheaper price?

          With many different retailers now offering the same products that we stock in our stores, we understand that from time to time there may be price differences that occur. As it is impossible for us to monitor every price in every region around Australia on a daily basis, we instead offer a price match policy as a service for our customers. If a customer informs us that a local competitor is selling a product we offer at a lower price we will match that price after we have verified that the product is in stock with that competitor. If the competitor no longer has the item in stock then we are unfortunately not able to match the price as they no longer have that offer available. We are also only able to match the price of a competitor that is within a reasonable distance of the EB store where you have requested the price match. We are not able to match any prices from online websites whether they are a dedicated online retailer or a support website for a store.

          If the price match request is on a product that was preordered and includes an EB exclusive bonus, we are only able to offer the product alone at the matched price, since the bonus was not available as part of the competitors deal. We are also unable to substitute bonuses if a competitor is offering a different bonus."

          That's their policy. If your store doesn't do it then the staff member or store manager is out of line.

          I worked there for years. Price matching a low price hurts the stores margin, but that's the policy. The staff need to suck it up.

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            but the issue is that they don't price match unless an item is in stock, so if the game hasn't broken street date at target than EB shouldn't match it.

              This is the case.

              I tweeted the official EBGames account and they confirmed they will price match Target (or any other store) provided they are actually selling the game.

              I just phoned my local Target store and they were not selling the game until tomorrow despite the street date break. At this point I'm happy to wait a day to save $30 (or $10 on JB).

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                I was just at rouse hill target and they had MK in a cage, this morning they were not allowed to sell it and then when i asked them to scan it. The POS said it was fine and the manager confirmed it and i got the first copy out of the box at rouse hill target about 30 minutes ago. JB Hifi had them at the front door of the shop for $79 and $99 then Eb games had them for $99 but they would only price match with a proof of advertisement. But a friend of mine got EB to sell him at targets price without confirmation as they knew each other but i had to confirm.

                Either way $69 from Target then a 35gig install and 2.4gig update to play online for xbox one

          some people at eb just take your word for it, got one the other day.

        If they have it on the shelf. If they haven't broken street date though, then EB don't have to compete with them until tomorrow.

          exactly my point, but I thought I could be more succinct. Apparently not :P

      Get EB to match JB if they wont match target, 79 dollars. I did.

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        My local eb is on bad terms with the jb next door. Jb dudes are super nice and the eb guys just think they're the worst. So even mentioning the name let alone a price match in there.... *shudder*

      Buy it today for $99, and then return it tomorrow to immediately rebuy it at a $69 price match.

        That plan reminds me of this old post from Acts of Gord:

        A few days before Christmas. Customer asks Gord to hold a used copy of Perfect Dark. The claim is that he'll be back in before Christmas to pick it up.
        Christmas comes and goes. Our story continues on Boxing Day.

        "Yes, I was in a few days ago. You're holding a copy of Perfect Dark for me."

        "Very well then, here it is. $49 plus tax comes to $55.86."

        "What about the Boxing day sale?"

        "What about it?"

        "It should be on sale."

        "That applies to merchandise on the floor, not titles being held."

        "That's false advertising."

        "Just because you say it is doesn't make it so."

        "Very well. I just won't buy it then. I'll just wait till you put it out, then I'll buy it."

        "No, that's quite alright. I've got a waiting list for it now."

        "Fine. I'll buy it."

        "Buy what?"

        "Perfect Dark."

        "I'm sold out."

        "You have one right there!"

        "Yes, but you said you didn't want it. It's now on hold for someone else. See the post-it note with the name 'Dave' on it? You're not Dave."

        "I'm leaving!"

        "That would be the end goal of my actions. Door is to your left."

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          All hail the mighty Gord, keeper of logic and epic spinner of phat beats

      EB Games will price match if its in the same Shopping Centre

      Sorry mate, am a bit late for you but EB totally price matched Target for me yesterday.

      I do it everytime I get a game, the only time they wouldn't was when SSB Brawl came out and they were the only place that had stock. However, they refunded me the difference as Target got stock later in the week.

    Yep, just got a message about it. I just paid some bills, guess I don't need money for food.

      Feast on the blood of your enemies like a real man.

    Got my copy reserved, picking it up today, along with that sweet Scorpion statue :D

      Very jealous! Funny thing is, I'm not particularly keen on the game, however, I love the shit outta Scorpion!

        I now have it in my hot little hands.

        *Strokes the huge box*


    Why can't Steam ever break release date :(

      Unlocks in 2 hours!
      Not quite getting over here yet... :(

        Yeah i just checked and saw it's 2 hours, which is weird because last night at midnight it said 25 hours


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    Will wait to see if the PC version is good, especially the online.

    Wait... Target is selling Mortal Kombat X? Didnt anyone tell them its an R18+ game with violence towards women...?

    Oh wait... profits... yes yes profits first, then community outrage. I forgot how this usually works

      wasn't the outrage that it had violence against sex workers? I thought target was fine with men beating women so long as they aren't doing it to get back the money they spent to have sex with them.

        I think his point is that the outrage came way, way after the games release. Yet the violence against sex workers (female or not) was there since launch.

        If only the issue was tackled prior to release, oh wait.... It was. #OFLC

    Just called my local JB and told them about this, but they refused to let me come pick it up.

    Guys, KOMBAT PACK is disappointingly overpriced.

    $29.00 USA ($35 Aus) but is priced at $44.95 AUS on psn and xbl. Have reached out to Netherrealm via twitter and FB but no reply yet. Maybe @markserrels could ask them why the discrepency and massive overcharging?

    Last edited 14/04/15 12:19 pm

      It is actually not that far off the mark. $29 USD = $38 AUD. The $29 USD does not include tax, so if you add our tax to that price it is closer to $42 AUD.

      I know we don't pay tax on US dollar here, but you can understand where they get their pricing from.

      It is still a rip off!

      Last edited 14/04/15 12:39 pm

      Do you know if there is more to the Kombat pack than the 4 announced fighters? I don't think I can justify paying over $10 per character.

        Theres skins etc but its still majorly overpriced. So the discrepency needs to be addressed. Sorry misread your comment at first.

        Last edited 14/04/15 12:58 pm

        4 fighters, 3 costumes, and possibly other content to be announced later.

        But AUD$44.95 compared to a AUD$35 exchanged price if you had a US version... That's some bullshit right there

          That's atrocious, $35 is overpriced for such a tiny amount of content $45 is disgusting. That is some serious bs right there. I bet once the Komplete edition is out we'll pay less for that than the Kombat pack.

            Does psn/xbl/digital sales in USA have sales tax? I know going there, USA tax and state tax are not included in the advertised price

          Even then it's 4 fighters spread across 4 packs, 15 costumes total spread across 4 packs :\

      First thing I noticed upon popping in my copy today. Incredibly disappointing.

        Yeah, Im actually returning mine I think, going to wait for the 'komplete edition'. Finished the storymode in around 4 hours and... it was pretty crap to be honest. A real letdown.

    Argh, buy at reasonable price for disc based that I can get rid of if I regret, or jump through hoops to screw around buying it from the US XBL store so I don't get ripped off with AU RRP on the AU store :(

    Went down there (jb) to show them this story, they changed their tune by the time I got there. I have my copy!

    Anyone able to get Goro working yet?

      Yep, no worries with him but for some reason I can only select to play a single match, story mode, tower mode etc are all red and not selectable.

    Hold up?! Didnt Target pull GTA off the shelves for its violence? Buy slicing peoples faces off in MK x is ok?

    How do i access the kombat pack?

    Yeah, I'll wait and get it from Target.

      I got mine from target, i got them to pull it out of the security cage

    JB have broken street date also.

    why even support eb if they're selling at higher prices. I refuse to purchase anything from eb. They just rip little kids off who know less.

    Kombat pack is not included with the Kollectors edition like first advertised. It's $44 in the AU store. Not worth buying from eb games just to get a gold skin and goro.

    I got mine from EB today with the Scorpion statue. Thing is I pre-ordered but still had to buy the season pass to play as additional characters like Goro, Jason Vorhees etc. The guy reckons that only applied to the US or if you pre-ordered in Aus before the 10th Feb. Seems a bit dicey to me because it didn't mention anything about that on their site when I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago. Oh well, still looking forward to playing it.

      Pretty sure the preorder only provided Goro.

      Jason, Predator, etc are part of the Kombat Pack that costs another $30 (on Steam) on top of the base game.

      Last edited 14/04/15 3:51 pm

        Cool, thanks for clarifying, I think the guy in the store might have been a bit confused, which in turn confused me :)

          He wasn't confused, unfortunately. EB only offered the Kombat Pack (aka season pass) free with orders before the 10th of February. It's why my preordered copy came with a printed code for it on the receipt, while my friend's copy didn't (he preordered after the cutoff date).

          As to why that it was limited until the 10th of Feb, who knows? Maybe the publisher only wanted to reimburse EB for a certain amount of preorders?

      Yeh the kollectors edition doesn't include the Kombat Pack in aus -but should still have Goro.
      So hyped I can't wait to get home, got 3 days off work woot!

    JB-Hifi is selling it aswell, as soon as EB broke Embargo, I had to go out the back and process 150 copies of it on Ps4. Argh.

    JB have the following.

    Special edition with a separate steel case. Goro dlc and special scorpion skin dlc for $99

    And standard edition for with goro dlc for $79

    Do I really need the steel case and scorpion skin for an extra $20?

    Decisions decisions.

    Damn also the 1.8gb mandatory patch update after installing the game.
    That apparently makes some challenges harder.

      Hi I have a problem with the game I just bought it today but I cant play the story mode. Is written in red and I cant click on it !! Help pleasd anyone ?

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