Murder Suspect Caught After Logging Into Victim's PlayStation Account

Murder Suspect Caught After Logging Into Victim's PlayStation Account

Trib Live reports that Hubert Wingate, a 30 year-old from Homewood, Pittsburgh, is currently facing charges of "homicide, abuse of a corpse, cruelty to animals and theft of the PlayStation", with the PlayStation leading directly to his arrest.

The victim, 34 year old Andre Grey, was a friend of Wingate's, and last month the pair had reportedly been out looking for an apartment together. Grey went missing, however, and it later emerged that he'd been murdered, along with his dog.

Wingate was arrested when it was detected that Grey's PlayStation Network account had been accessed on the day he went missing. That login was traced by authorities to Wingate's mother's house, where the suspect had been living at the time.

Which is all kinds of fucked up, but I really don't get this last part from Trib Live's report:

Detectives found witnesses who told police Wingate had admitted killing someone and that they helped him dispose of the body by dumping it into the Allegheny River in the Arnold area.

One witness admitted stabbing Grey's dog at Wingate's request. The witness said they mixed the dog's blood with Grey's in an attempt to keep police from finding DNA evidence in the apartment.

What is wrong with these people. And why are they just "witnesses"?


    This reminds me of what happened to a mate. His PS4 was stolen not long after he got it. A week after he realised when checking some stuff on his router that it was still connected to his wireless, which meant that it was in very close proximity. Turned out the kids next door broke into his place.

      Did they feel the full force of justice?

        No idea. Going from previous experience with having stuff stolen, the police don't really care.

          That's when you blitz through the neighbours house Hotline Miami style and retrieve the ps4 yourself.

            You could always blitz through the house, Madden NFL style, and sack those little twerps :-)

    They might be just witnesses because they have agreed to become snitches. If the case is too weak to pin on the main perp, you need to entice others to squeal on him.

      Even still, that's called being an accessory to murder. The justice system (especially in the US) is definitely screwed up in that you can get a more leniant sentence if you give up information

        Maybe, but in Australia you can sometimes get the prosecution to charge you with manslaughter (or similar) instead of murder if you agree to plead guilty. Even though manslaughter is open as an alternative verdict, the DPP's policy is to consider that deal in situations where running the trial would be risky on the strength of the evidence, usually intention to kill. Otherwise you don't see many people pleading guilty to murder, as there isn't a sentencing discount that would make it worthwhile - the defendant may as well take a punt at getting off.

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          I definitely hope so, especially if one of them killed the dog just because the guy told them to

    Its only murder if you kill at least 10 people... 'merica!

    What. The "witnesses" helped disposing of the body? They should be charged second degree murder as accomplices.

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