NBA 2K14 Servers Are Back Online Thanks To Fan Backlash

NBA 2K14 Servers Are Back Online Thanks To Fan Backlash

Briefly: The servers for NBA 2K14 were scheduled to be shut down, but fan backlash has prompted 2K Sports to reconsider. Polygon reports NBA 2K14 is back online, and future NBA games will receive 18 to 27 months of support after launch.


  • Yeah kinda sad when companies are deciding to shut down a 2014 titles online when it’s still only 2015… Jut seems really stupid and hopefully isn’t going to become a standard in the future to come.

    • 2014 titles are 2013 titles. as someone who has 2k15 i’d rather they did shut them down and made 2k15 work properly rather than have both work badly.

      • While I completely agree with you on that level I still think it’s completely unfair to the people who don’t have the means to play the latest instalment.

        • very true, 2k just needs to do something about servers. they haven’t done it right yet and other games manage.

  • This is what worries me with games like Elite Dangerous, that require servers to be able to play. The day the servers shut down, you don’t have a game any more.

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