New Amiibo Include Ganon, Dr Mario

New Amiibo Include Ganon, Dr. Mario

A new Nintendo Direct means new Amiibo! There's a whole new range of figures coming out over the next few months, including Ganon, Captain Olimar, Zero Suit Samus, Jigglypuff, Greninja and Dr Mario.

Interestingly, the two different Nintendo Directs (one for North America, one for Japan) had slightly different release dates (and figures).

New Amiibo Include Ganon, Dr. Mario

Nintendo also announced that there'll be Amiibo for upcoming shooter Splatoon.

New Amiibo Include Ganon, Dr. Mario


    Ganon, browser Jr, the squid, and maybe olimar... Yes, that shall do nicely.

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    Can't wait for them to be bought out of retail stores in bulk on day 1, for people to resell for ridiculously inflated prices on ebay.

    I thought Mario, Kirby and Link would be enough for me. But nope, Ganondorf must be mine.

    New mario party is pretty ordinary and has crap all content and the amiibos are a step in the wrong direction.
    I think that will be the last Nintendo stuff I buy ever.

    The guy's name is Ganondorf, not Ganon. Ganon is technically a different character. Well he is and he isn't. Let's just agree that Ganondorf is his more human form so calling him "Ganon" in this context is incorrect.

      Ganon is his monster boar form.

        Yes, that's what I was implying :)

          True, but saying "Ganon is technically a different character. Well he is and he isn't." is pretty confusing

            Yeah I then went on to clarify that "Ganondorf" was his more human form.

              Which still didn't explain what Ganon was.

      You can refer to Ganondorf as Ganon. Ganondorf is just the name they gave the humanoid form that existed before the boar form to explain the boar form's origin. The boar form is still Ganondorf and Ganon is still the humanoid form. You're not doing anything wrong people. Keep calling Ganondorf "Ganon". It's just a nickname in the end.

    JIGGLYPUFF! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH HOW I NEED YOU! *looks adoringly with huge anime eyes at Jigglypuff*

    I need to continue to my Legend of Zelda amiibo set, so Ganon is a natural choice for me. And he's one of my favorites, so I literally started to drool when I seen his amiibo.

    .... That .... That came out wrong...


    I'll most likely try and get all of them, but one of my main focus's are those Splatoon one's!

    Woolly Yoshi.....

    Feck. I'm going to need a new display cabinet >.

    The temptation to get a Jigglypuff Amiibo and teach it to exclusively use Rest, so it can sit next to my Pikachu that only uses Thunder... so very tempting...

    You didn't mention about the 3X Woolly Yoshi Amiibo?

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