New Ant-Man Trailer Makes Marvel's Shrinking Hero Look Like A Badass

New Ant-Man Trailer Makes Marvel's Shrinking Hero Look Like a Badass

The first teaser for Marvel's next solo superhero movie was a bit gloomier, focusing on Scott Lang's messed-up life. Today's new trailer brings the straight-up superhero stuff, making you believe that this guy will be able to kick bad guys' butts.

You'll get a bunch of scenes of Paul Rudd's Ant-Man facing up against Yellowjacket, who appears the movie's main villain. Comics readers, of course, know that Hank Pym — played here by Michael Douglas — fought crime in both of those identities. Ant-Man comes July 17.


    It looks so dodgy, but in a hell good way!
    Can't wait to see it! :D

    I'm tired of all these super hero movies...

      That's nice. I'm sure Salmon Fishing in Yemen is still playing at your hipster movie theatre.

    This trailer was way better than the first teaser trailer, it shows way more of the funny side that the first trailer failed to show.

    cautiously optimistic, but still disappointed that Edgar Wright isn't directing it...

    Trailer was much better than I expected - might actually go see it now.

    Terminator trailer though......I don't know what to think.

    Ah right so it's Iron Man meets Toy Story... got it

    Is it just me or does the villain look cooler than the super hero? >.

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