New Pillars Of Eternity Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Bugs

New Pillars of Eternity Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Bugs

Did you double-click on a piece of equipment in Pillars of Eternity and inexplicably erase your character's stat bonuses? Good news: There's a fix coming soon.

The folks at Obsidian are planning a big patch for their stellar RPG that they're hoping to push out today, and with it, they say they will fix that bizarre inventory bug players discovered not long after the game launched last week. Best part: The patch will also retroactively fix characters who have been affected — just load up a save file once the fix is live and your characters will be back to normal, according to the devs.

You can read the full patch notes here. Obsidian's fixing a lot of other bugs, making a lot of tweaks to balance (bye bye OP Mind Blades), and making it so bears can wear hats, because why wouldn't they?


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