New Zealand Made Action RPG Path Of Exile Announces New Expansion

Path of Exile, the action RPG from the NZ-based Grinding Gears, has been kicking goals for a while now. Running a free-to-play, online game is a risky move, yet the Kiwi developer has managed to succeed where so many have failed. Double-extra good news — it's just announced a new expansion, The Awakening, and a closed beta to beat it into shape.

For the video-inclined, Curse has put together a first-look that will take you through the highlights. On the other hand, if you enjoy reading, there's a great breakdown over at Gamepedia. Now, if that's too much, Blue's News has distilled the main features into point form:

  • New Act 4
  • 11 new skills, 9 new boss fights, 90 new unique items
  • Closed Beta opening on April 20 (by application, starting small and getting extended)
  • Passive tree rework
  • Ability to socket new Jewels into the passive tree for special effects in nearby area
  • Rework of existing content
  • New quality of life additions
  • Script-able loot drop filter to completely customise filter/colour/highlight/border/sound of drop levels
  • Net code rewrite! New Lockstep mode available, offering a "wait for server and only show the truth" mode on top of the existing "prediction + desync" mode!

As mentioned above, the beta begins Monday after next and you'll need to register your interest before then to be involved.

Path of Exile: The Awakening [Gamepedia]


    Kind of got bored of the game. Better get back into it.

    The article's title really needed a hyphen in it. Thought it was saying that the country made a game company announce an expansion because of legal reasons or something, not "New Zealand-made game announces an expac"

    Damn....I might have to wait a while I'm too into Bloodborne at the moment.

    Awesome to see this game soldiering on. One of the few games to ever get free to play right, bought a couple of skins just to support the development of the game. Pretty damn good game too, might reinstall it and give it a whirl again for old times sake.

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