Nintendo, And Other Banned Words I Can’t Use In Grand Theft Auto

Nintendo, And Other Banned Words I Can’t Use In Grand Theft Auto

Oh god. I had the most embarrassing thing happen last night during a game of GTA.

Let me explain.

Right now there’s a list floating around of banned words in GTA V — that is, words that Rockstar does not allow you to use for one reason or another. Here is the list in its entirety, courtesy of DamonPei. Obviously, content warning! Racist/sexist/offensive words ahead.

Nintendo, And Other Banned Words I Can’t Use In Grand Theft Auto

Curious about whether or not this list was legit, I hopped onto a game of GTA Online. My mission was to test some of these words out, because while there are some obvious inclusions on the list (cussing, offensive words, etc), there are some surprising ones, too. Ferguson, for example. Jerry. Nintendo. Were these words really banned? Hell, were the other words really banned? The game itself uses a lot of these!

I picked a random assortment of words from the list, and sure enough, every time I tried to send another player an in-game message containing that word, the game would spit out this screen at me:

Nintendo, And Other Banned Words I Can’t Use In Grand Theft Auto


After a few failed tries, I got so confident that nothing I tried would go through that I tried sending a stranger one final word, picked randomly from the set.

“This will never go through,” I thought. “I can’t wait to tell the readers of Kotaku about GTA’s curious list of banned words.”

Then my worst nightmare happened. I tried sending someone the word “bukakke.” One problem. It’s spelled “bukkake.” Two K’s. The message went through. Someone out there — a complete stranger — got a message from another stranger only containing that word. I can only imagine what went through the other person’s head after getting that message. I felt so mortified I turned my game off immediately.

This is what I get for trying to be thorough. This is what happens. Great.

I’m going to take solace in the fact that bukakke is not the worst word in that list. I’m also going to tell myself that the person that received that message is not a seven-year-old or something who is now asking their parents what this weird word they got from a stranger means. I’m going to pretend the person that got that message just laughed and continued on, causing mayhem on the streets of Los Santos, business as usual. Yup. That’s exactly what happened.

Besides. What kind of a banned word list doesn’t include multiple misspellings of the word bukakke? For shame, Rockstar.


  • God…I feel like such a horrible, immature person, having laughed my azz off all the way down that list…

  • Oh no, I’m onto you… this article is just to trick me into looking up whatever “bukkake” is.

    Well, I’m not gonna.

    • Yeah, I fell into that trap a few years ago because someone used the word in an email.

      I did it on my work computer.

      Thank God for google’s result filters.

    • Its the fun Japanese words that are educational to image search! I’m surprised only Futanari made the list… Gokkun, Haizumo, Kintama Tsubushi, Nakadashi and Sukatoro should get you started…..

      • Gokkun, you say? That’s the Dragonball guy, yeah? I foresee no problems from image searching him…

    • My teenage brothers went through a stage of calling people douchebags. They didnt know what it was, so I told them to google image search it. I heard the screams from the other end of the house. Bwahahahaha!

  • We’ll have the characters in our game use as many profane and racist words as we like, but you, oh you’re not allowed.


    • Gigglestick, and Knob Jockey are surprisingly absent from the list too.

      Edit: Boob isn’t on the list either, also Tits is, but Tit isn’t. Neither are Fanny, Willy or Poo Pirate.

      • Perhaps they’re just trying to encourage people to revert to primary school level insults? I can get behind that.

  • I think if the other player was a seven-year-old they have heard and seen much worse just playing the game then what you sent them 😛 Parents couldn’t complain after letting them play GTA

  • there are some surprising ones, too. Ferguson, for example. Jerry. Nintendo.
    Seinfeld would be pi$$ed.

  • The article mentions Nintendo, but interestingly Microsoft and Sony are also on the list.

  • I’m also going to tell myself that the person that received that message is not a seven-year-old or something who is now asking their parents what this weird word they got from a stranger means.Kind of an ironic thing to say in an article that kids can read and ask their parents what the word means. Though I suppose the upshot is that it isn’t the worst in the list.

  • Somewhat ironic that a large number of these words are commonly used in the GTA games!

    I also like that GrandTheftDev is a dirty word.

  • O_______O, so you can’t say your gay, lesbian and bisexual, but you can’t also say nintendo, sony, rockstar & microsoft, man you can’t also say company names as well, wow……………. gta online, we don’t let mention what companies are at e3 or publicly tell your friends on the game that you have come out the closet about your sexuality

    • Improvise man! Don’t let Rockstar hold you back!

      I had a mate reported and forced to change his Xbox Motto, was simply a bit of algebra, maybe he liked math.

      1<3 B=D

  • I think it’s funny how these words are banned in a game where the characters in the game say them. Wat.

    I mean, I almost run an NPC over and he calls me a cock sucker, but I can’t type that?

  • So we can’t use the word pendejo which sucks because San Andreas taught me what that word meant and I couldn’t stop saying it and telling my friends
    Maybe that’s why it was banned

  • Damn it, Jerry!
    There are some weird words in there that I have no idea why they’re censored, like doghead, meganova, slapface and thunderbytes. And obviously flixflux is something pretty bad, if they went to the trouble of listing all those variations.

    This brings back memories of PSO, where the primitive censoring system wouldn’t allow you to say “shoes” because it contained “hoes” (you could say “shoe” though).

    • “Jerry” is an WWII era slang word for a German, similar in vernacular and use to Jap or Nip.

      It’s also the route of common terms like Jerry Can, which refers to the style of fuel can the Germans invented during the war and Jerry Rigging supposedly linked to the improvised repairs they used on their machines to keep them operational as resources became scarcer towards the end of the war*.

      (*Jerry rigged may actually be a bastardisation of Jerry Built from the same route, with the older naval based alternative Jury rigged. I’m not actually an expert.)

    • When I was really young, I used to be on neopets. Was an active member of a guild for a while too. One day I tried to send a message to someone and it wouldn’t let me because there was a word that was not allowed. I spent ages going over that message again and again trying to figure out what the bad word was. I eventually figured out it was “lick”. At first I was like “What’s so bad about that word?” … And then I started thinking about it.
      Even as a kid, I pondered on the fact that if they hadn’t banned the word, I wouldn’t have thought anything bad about it.

    • Sony and Microsoft are on the list too.
      Combined with all the Rockstar ones (rsgnorth, reddeaddev, etc), I imagine they were trying to prevent phishing scams by people pretending to be important.

  • wtf lol there are some real humdingers in there.
    This list almost makes it impossible to use the message system though imo, glad I never bothered with it.

  • faggot

    both bad, yet when it comes to the Mcdonalds varieties…


    I could totally go mcfaggit or fagget if I wanted.

    Good to see Futanari made the list, cant leave out the Japanese.. also pleasing to know my other two favourite names aren’t forbidden; Shiofuki and Kyonyuu, and sometimes, just sometimes, I go for Sukatoro…

  • If a 7 year old is playing this game, they will be affected much more by the game’s content than a word they wouldn’t even know.

  • I don’t get it, you can’t type this stuff. I mean you hear most of it in these games anyway… well maybe not the world Nintendo…

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