Nintendo Just Dropped A Surprise XenobladeX Trailer

For folks in the know, XenobladeX is a big deal. Many call its predecessor Xenoblade Chronicles one of the best JRPGs ever made, so yeah. You might want to check out this new trailer Nintendo just dropped.

I know very little about the series, so I'll leave to you all to discuss the minutiae of this trailer.

This actually looks pretty cool. Should I bother with the 3DS remake of Chronicles?


    34/40 from famitsu and apparently it's 300+ hours to finish. Yeech

      If it was called Final Fantasy it'd get 40/40 from them :P

      I still need to finish it on Wii actually. That might be a weekend task to hook the Wii back up and have some fun

    Don't bother with the 3ds version, play the original Wii one! It works much better on a tv, and unlike in the USA we have decent availability of the Wii game (so there's much less of a case for the portable remake here).

    I'm pretty hyped for XCX, but it's a completely different game from the original, way less story driven but it hits all of my gundam/evangelion/transformers fantasies in the most tender of places.

    Also epic monster hunter mecha multiplayer mayhem!

    Should I bother with the 3DS remake of Chronicles?

    If you didn't play the Wii original, then yes. Mostly because it's a completely different story and not actually related to this new game despite the similarity in titles.

    Yep, greatly excited over this.
    Very much a lack of J-RPGs of late that reach the West.

    & yes, in answer to your question posed in the article, you should play the 3DS version of Chronicles. If you can get a Wii version & a classic controller, do so but otherwise, go with the 3DS version. I'm really enjoying playing it.

      I'm not sure what systems you own but there's been a huge number of JRPGs coming West lately. Even the PC is starting to pick up in terms of proper (ie. Not amateur RPG Maker stuff) JRPG releases.

    After seeing that awesome looking tiger guy with the sword I'm a little disappointed we are stuck playing as boring old humans..

    Buy the Xenoblade 3DS version, I played the original game on Wii and it was brilliant. Can't say I like the universe of X so far though since it seems less focused on the fantasy side of things than Xenoblade on wii was. Starting to buy into the faces though :)

    I might have to take a week off work when this lands. I haven't anticipated a game this highly since OoT.

    The 3ds version only has the awful english voice acting. Find the dual audio wii version if you can.

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