Now This Is Hardcore Photography

Now This Is Hardcore Photography

You might think you are into photography. You probably have a camera — maybe two. You go to cons and you take photos of cosplayers . But you are not hardcore. Not like this guy.

At the Nipponbashi Street Festa earlier this spring in Osaka, one photographer caught people's attention with his gear set-up. It's like a photographer's exoskeleton. YouTube user Osaka Kankou Channel compared it to some kind of Mobile Gundam suit.

His set up was so impressive that people who attended the festival stopped him for photos:

Now This Is Hardcore Photography

Picture: tomochomo319

Now This Is Hardcore Photography

Picture: TakeponFX

Now This Is Hardcore Photography

Picture: u_919

Photography blogs like PetaPixel and ISO 1200 have been impressed with his set-up (some of which you can see below). As PetaPixel notes, his gear included multiple DSLRs, external camera flashes, several action cameras, a smartphone, and an external hard drive, among much more.

Now This Is Hardcore Photography

Picture: u_919

Dude's camera suit is as impressive as some of the cosplay on display. No idea if his photos are any good, though.


    Whelp. I asked last week what everybody thought would be the latest trend or news from Japan. I don't think anybody could have thought up this.

      I wouldn't really call it news, and it certainly isn't a trend.
      I'd call it Brian doing something for his paycheck.

    I didn't read the headline as "Hardcore Photography". I'll let you fill in the blanks.

      I read it as Hardcore Phonography too and wondered why it was about cameras and not phonetics.

    I want to see the look on this guys face when I tell him that he has the wrong lens for the job.

    That's not hardcore. It's just sad and creepy.

    A setup that elaborate and no links to his work to see if he's even any good.

      Dude! Just look at the definition on that sushi roll. He's obviously some sort of wizard.

    ...all the better to upskirt you with....

      You Winz de internetz for today!

    I'm more impressed by the fact that someone's cosplaying Princess/Prince Sapphire. I'd have thought it too old an anime for people to want to cosplay.

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