Now This Is How You Steal The Other Team's Baron In League Of Legends

Now This Is How You Steal The Other Team's Baron In League Of Legends

Killing Baron Nashor in League of Legends grants a number highly valuable rewards that will help a team carry a game to victory. But doing so has a high risk attached to it as well. Players have to group together to attack the big scary monster, meaning a clever opponent can easily ambush them. Or worse: steal the kill.

An agile Fizz player pulled off the latter manoeuvre in a recent Diamond-ranked League game (via Reddit) with a last-minute Baron steal so dextrous, so surprising, that all his teammates could say in response was "LOL":

What I'm really wondering is how the other team responded to Fizz suddenly jumping in from over the cliff face behind Baron, killing the beast, then leaping back out before they even had time to exact revenge on the menacing and deceptively cute jungler. I'm willing to bet that there were some some calls to "BAN FIZZ" amidst all the raging about how OP his double-jump move is after this game ended.


    Nah, man, this was a good steal. Back in the days when we had no dedicated servers and had to play on 250-320 ping.

      Must say that video was more enjoyable then the one posted in the article

    More interesting is why Fizz was running smite in the first place. Is jungle Fizz a thing now?

    Serves them right, they had vision on Fizz as he went up river and they should have warded the jungle behind Baron so if he went there they could harass him away.

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