Obama Thanks Japan For Anime

What anime could you see Obama watching? Kill la Kill? Sailor Moon? Swimming Anime?

I bet he loves Attack on Titan. "Eren Yeager is my boy" - Obama, probably.

The reason that I'm speculating about this is because Mashable has a clip of US President Obama thanking Japan for things he thinks young people are fond of — like emoji. Hilarious!

I'm glad Obama said this. Now I can tell people to lay off whenever they make fun of my body pillows. "Obama's got my back," I'll say. That will show em.

Then I'll pull this.


    thank you for Metal gear solid and Fromsoft

    I'm surprised that he didn't say Nintendo. But i'm glad he thanked him for anime and manga.

    I think he watches, "I can't understand what my husband is saying"

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