Off Topic: Game Of Thrones Was Pretty Good Last Night

Bugger it, let's just make Tuesday's Off Topic post a 'Game of Thrones discussion topic' until the show gets terrible or we all get bored. How does that sound?

Last night's episode? I really enjoyed it. I think people tend to judge a Game of Thrones episode on how good or bad the cliffhanger is, but last night I felt as though several key storylines trundled along nicely, and moved in directions that intrigue me. There were a handful of scenes that seemed to eliminate dialogue completely and they worked brilliantly. In particular I loved Arya's struggle to let go of 'Needle', her sword. Her struggle to let go of her anger, grief and quest for vengeance. It was powerful to see her let go of everything except that. Great little scene, and well acted by Maisie Williams I thought.

Every scene with Cersei Lannister is gold and last night was no exception. The chemistry with the new Queen is exceptional. Love watching those actors play off one another, the tension is perfect. Love watching the Queen get cocky with her subtle jabs and it's interesting to watch Cersei rolling with the punches. That's what this show is all about for me: solid writing and stellar performances.

And bloody hell, is Jon Snow actually becoming interesting for once?

What did you think about the episode?


    Yep sounds good to me. Although I didn't think Tyrion was drunk enough in this episode.

      No where near drunk enough, not asking where the whores go enough, and shouldn't have Varys with him

    I haven't seen any of the latest season yet but I'm reading A Feast for Crows at the moment and Cersei is just the worst. It really speaks well of Lena Headey that's she's managed to make such an unlikeable character a joy to watch.

    @markserrels As long as you keep the article image and title generic, doing it this way is fine by me. I haven't seen the most recent episode yet, and the articles in the paper with revealing images and taglines are super frustrating.

      This; I have 0 interest in shelling out for Foxtel mostly because I hate Rupert Murdoch and will probably only watch GoT once it's out well after the season ends.

    So far am loving this season just as I have the others.

    Things are heating up in the north, trying to work out little fingers game, considering he's only out for himself, little bit worried about what's going on with the boltons as I feel they could basically do what ever they like. Also Interesting to see how they are treating the northerners.

    Also trying to work out how lord friend zone giving up Tyrion is going to get him back in the good books and out of the friend zone but hey stranger things have happened

    Also agree that Jon is getting interesting again and also love for Brienne and Podrick

    All in all I think this season is coming along nicely

    Game of Thrones is always more than "pretty good."

    I will be hated, but, Game of Snores. It seems they dont do anything until 2 minutes to the end of each episode this season (Last nights was literally 30 seconds before the end). 2 exceptions last night were with Sansa and Arya, lasted a whole of 5 minutes between them. Im unsure as to why people think Jon's character is becoming more lively, last night just showed him following his father's teachings, which he has been doing for 3 series now.

    The article is an opinion piece, im just sharing my opinion. Due to the nature of the divergence from the books i feel there is going to be a lot of different opinions on this season even comparatively compared to last season.

    Show watchers be like: this is awesome
    Book readers be like: this is boring

    Conclusion: book readers, shove off and let us enjoy

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