Off Topic: How Are We Enjoying Game Of Thrones So Far?

For the next little while 'Off Topic' will probably just be a 'what did you think of last night's Game of Thrones episode?' Apologies in advance.

Basically, I feel like Game of Thrones has absolutely mastered the art of the cliffhanger. It doesn't matter what banal shit you put in the previous 40 minutes or so, drop some bomb in the last five or so minutes and the masses leave flabbergasted, hankering after the next episode.

That's not to say that last night's episode was bad, I actually really liked it. But it is something I've observed.

I liked the whole section with Daenerys. Very well done. I enjoy Arya's arc, so that was cool as well. But I think I'm gonna get pretty tired of watching Tyrion swing back booze in a fucking caravan. I don't care how popular his character, that's gonna get tired pretty quick.

What are your thoughts?


    I've never watched a single episode.

      Man why are your posts always so negative?

      Goddam hispters. "I only watch fantasy TV that was made in Romania in the 70's. Game of Thrones is way too mainstream".

    same i have all 4 seasons on dvd but just havent gotten around to watching them, then again i also still havent seen dances with smurfs which i also have on dvd and i never will just because i got sick and tired of everyone telling me i should watch it.

    Edit: oh yeah i also have austar and access to showcase

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    We're catching up to the books. The part where it really, really starts to drag. Where you begin to realise... He hasn't figured out how its going to end or is worried of a Mass Effect 3 ending reaction.

      Nah, the show is doing it's own thing now, it's not going to keep pace with the slow-ass books anymore.

    I'm really enjoying it.

    Will Someone Please Stop Screwing Around And Start Showing Game Of Thrones on TV Already?

    7/9/10? ABC/SBS? You have all those channels, surely one of you can find a slot by now?

      they dont, they need the room for all the reality tv shows, cant remove the rating machines that is the block and MKR now can we

    Waiting for episode 5 :p

      Same, how come they popped up?

        Episodes 1-4 were sent out early for review and some absolute champion leaked them.

        Not that I downloaded any *cough*

    Dunno, haven't watched the new series.

    I don't want Foxtel so now there is literally no other way to access the show. None at all! If only there were some other way...

    I enjoyed the episode, was good to see Arya again.

    But Daenerys... Jesus shit she continues to bore me to fucking tears.

      Same. I like the characters around her but she bores me to tears. In the book too.

    I’m gonna get pretty tired of watching Tyrion swing back booze in a fucking caravan

    I gotta admit tho Tyrion and Varys make a pretty funny couple on their road trip, but yeah I'm really enjoying it so far. Is it just me, or have the really upped the budget and cinematography this season? There are so many story arcs which I'm finding all very compelling, previous seasons I would always want to know more about specific story arcs over others, but not this season so far.

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    I am enjoying season five so far but at heart I don't like the deviation from the books, I understand that this is the direction that is to be taken but we are missing out on some truly cool characters like Iilyrio the big fat yellow cheese monger as Tyrion puts it....I say Varys pack yo shit up and go back to where you belong... in westeros for heavens sake! Budget cannot be used as an excuse either for the non introduction of new characters, G.O.T is bigger than anything in mainstream media at present and I'm sure can afford new talent

    How are we enjoying?

    I'm not enjoying it.... so far fairly boring and deviating from the source material.

      The Brienne thing's a bit weird, isn't it? Nothing like the books. I'm interested in seeing (Book spoilers:whether they'll show what'll happen to Jon at the end. Really bum me out if he's actually out for good)

    cliffhanger? I can barely even remember what happened in last night's episode, it was pretty meh. Like last weeks'. I just feel that GoT isn't really compelling viewing any more.

    Well the first 4 episodes have been slighty slow, but I see they're trying to move the story along.

    Only watched the first two, but I feel like Jamie and Bronn going on an adventure to Dorne will be pretty swish.

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