Off Topic: What Did You Play Over The Long Weekend?

My plan was to play Bloodborne. A lot of Bloodborne. A plan that scuppered since I was spending Easter Weekend with family and a lot of kids. Parents don't like their kids watching me play games where you gut and garrotte werewolves. Who knew?

So I had to slot into plan b.

Plan b was OlliOlli 2.

My relationship with OlliOlli 2 was an interesting one. I knew it was good but, playing it, I never really felt compelled. Over the weekend, however, I took the time to learn the intricacies of the game's controls. Now it's all over. I love this game.

It clicked for me with the manuals. As soon as I was able to link the tricks with manuals Tony Hawk style, it was a wrap. All over red rover. I'm pretty much obsessed with this game now.

What did you all play over the long weekend?


    Finished off platinum trophy for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition then onto some sweet Borderlands Handsome Collection.

    I got to play some more of the handsome jack collection. I got every trophy from tiny Tina's DLC.
    Those dragons are fun to kill.
    Will have to tackle another DLC tonight.

      I loved Tiny Tina's DLC, one of my favorite parts was attacking The Darkness.

        Tiny Tina's DLC, just awesome. Can't wait to co-op it again with the mates.

          I will need co-op with the dragons in UVHM and above. Can solo in normal and TVHM easy.

    Pillars of Eternity, lots and lots of Pillars of Eternity. I'd like to be at home right now playing more, stupid adulthood!

      You an me both. Such a brilliant game. A few rough edges like the inventory and voice acting but overall brilliant

    After a nearly 4 month break, I've started playing Dota again.

    Holy shit have my skills degraded, and I wasn't very good to begin with. The road to 2k is real.

    Bloodborne, Civilization: Beyond Earth and board games. So many board games.

    Bloodborne. So much Bloodborne. But still only 3 bosses down (not counting a couple in my first chalice dungeon).

    Restricted to my tablet as I was, and not a fan of most mobile games, I gave Plague Inc a try. If there's a worldwide epidemic, apparently the safest place to be is Greenland.

      In Pandemic it was always Madagascar. Bloody Madagascar.

        Those dreaded words: Madagascar has closed its borders. All over you might as well quit now.

    Really enjoying playing Borderlands: The Pre Sequel through for the first time. I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm particularly liking the double jumping and low gravity.

    Yesterday, I made a proper impulse buy and got the Lego Marvel game on my XB1 which was on sale for $23.49 ($5 in the US :| ). It's the first Lego game I've ever bothered with and right now I'm thinking I may have wasted that $23.49.

      I bought it from the US for that price for PS4. I've heard that it's pretty easy to buy stuff from international stores for the XB1 too?

      I LOVED Lego Marvel, and I've never been a fan of the Lego games in general. Give it a shot, well worth buy at that price especially if you're into Marvel at all.

        I've heard quite a few people say this is the one LEGO game they could get in to (especially if you like Marvel stuff as you say, which I do.)

        All I've done so far is beat Sandman. So I've barely touched it. I'll definitely persist as I'm keen to try out a few other characters!

      I couldn't get into Lego either man, it's ok :'(

        I'll see how it goes...but my expectations are low! How you enjoying zombie/parkour simulator ?

    So much Bloodborne. I'm up to Father G's area but have so far chickened out from facing him. I've got to do it!

    Also played a fair bit of Bravely Default and some Project Diva F 2nd.

      Father Gascoigne is the easiest boss fight in the game, you will have some pretty serious problems later on if you can't even reach the Cathedral Ward.

        Please share winning strategy! :-)

          Run around to the right and up the stairs. I fought him on the stairs, plenty of room to evade and can back off to the top if I needed room to heal.

          Also get the music box from the little girl behind one of the windows in central Yarnham - play that near him and it staggers him.

          Fire also works well, especially after he changes form at about 50% health, so take a few molotovs with you.

          I cheesed this guy pretty badly with the axe - in his first form, just get behind a set of headstones so he can't reach you. Switch to two handed mode, charge R2 sweeping attacks which tend to hit him through the headstones. In his second form he can destroy headstones so I just threw a few molotovs at him and he died quick.

          Think about it in game design terms. Considering he is an early boss, what is Miyazaki trying to teach you about how to play the games? What moves does G use and what are the tools you have to counter them?

          That's probably too waffley, so just youtube it haha

          Go for the visceral attacks. Super easy to get the timing right. I too, had a hard time on my first playthrough however on NG+ he didn't touch me.

          To fell that foul beast, I used the following strategy.

          1) get music box
          2) get Molotov's
          3)when you first enter the area use music box asap
          4)when he is staggered from Music box move to rear and sneak attack (R2 followed by R1 when you hear the chime noise)
          5)Use visceral attack (counter attack) a couple of times
          that got him to under 50% health for me
          6) As soon as he changes form (under 50%) use music box again
          7)Use sneak attack
          8) back off and throw a couple of Molotov's that should finish him off

          took me a while to beat him, as I was in Dark Souls mode to begin with (slow and steady), but once I realized to just go at him flat out he was pretty easy to fell.

          Seems to be the way with most bosses I've seen so far, don't back off and just go ape shit on them and use any items you can think of that might help.

          good luck, and remember a hunter is never alone !!

          I found him super easy, took 3 tries (well technically I got it first go, but I got to watch 2 of my mates both die from him, so I learnt from their mistakes).

          DODGE as soon as you go through the fog, as he will fire off that shotgun.
          Then I just kept dodging his attacks, throwing in 1 hit, SOMETIMES 2 hits and then getting back out of their for some more dodging.
          It was tedious.
          Then when he was about 1/3 health he transformed into the werewolf thing; this is where both my friends got killed although I had already done a substantially better job than they had to get to this point.
          So I proceeded to just smash him with 4 molotovs in a row.

      I'm at the same spot! Tried him once. Dead.

      Tonight... He shall fall by my hand.

    Some Civ 5, a bit of LoL and some rather extensive sittings of Xenoblade Chronicles. after completing all the quests in colony 9 and Bionis leg I am just now starting to get to level appropriate enemies as I was some 10 levels or so above where I should have been

    Stupid kid got in the way of my Bloodborne too. So I shipped him off for the day on Friday, played a bit while he was napping on the other days. Level 30ish, only up to the third boss, but I've settled into a confident level of play where I only get freaked out by the normal enemies sometimes.

      Lvl 30 should be plenty for BSB. Just stock up on antidotes and ALWAYS dodge left.

    Lots of Freedom Wars

    A little Of Cyanide's Game if Thrones & a touch of Resident Evil 6.
    Sexy tyrant is icky.

      I thought that Game of Thrones was slightly underrated. It is fairly shallow but I think the characters and combat systems are pretty good. The scenery was pretty good as well if you didn't look too closely.

        It's a bit like that. I just can't get my head around the combat.
        I die sometimes & have no idea why

    I played Insurgency, ARMA 3 and Cities Skylines. Also some a couple of board games,

    I smashed through a bunch of carmageddon reincarnation. God how I've missed that genre!

    I figured that Easter was a good time to get biblical so I started Darksiders II

    Cities Skylines, some iRacing, most of Tomb Raider (reboot) and Homeworld remastered.

    Yaknow, just some Biker Mice from Mars

    There was about a 36 hour block of solid pain and vomit, then I played Sunset Overdrive. It was a magical weekend.


    I've killed a few bosses and had some good times.

    Mainly spent finishing off my Bloodborne platinum trophy and playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

    I've been getting into CS:GO :(
    Haven't played CS online since 2004 or earlier. Oh how things have changed.

      I used to be really into CS;Source when it came with Half-life 2 and this thing called 'steam' I'd never heard of. What's it like playing GO after so long? I bought GO during a sale for a few dollars and never found out.

        Tried CS:Source once or twice. Haven't played properly since 1.6.
        GO is a good bit of fun. There's a lot familiar from 1.6 but it's taken me a few days to get back into the mindset. Competitive matches are really the bread and butter, 5v5 where communication and strategy are important; the community in competitive is also generally pleasant.

        Since you liked CS:Source, GO is worth a try just to see what's changed.

    I did play some bloodborne on friday, hadn't died for the entire playthrough, was climbing a tower to fight the 'hunter ahead' as far as notes told me. There were also several upvoted notes that mentioned "falling is victory" and the like, I must've missed the point because it only took the guy about ten seconds to knock me off the tower.

    Haven't had much time to play games but I've actually gotten back into State of Decay on PC, because I like the miserable feeling of losing people every zombie attack :P

    Last edited 07/04/15 11:49 am

      I'm guessing you're talking about the gattling gun hunter on the tower in Old Yarnham?

      As soon as you reach the top of the ladder shoot him and he should fall off from the push back.

        This. It works.

        You need to shoot him three or four times in very rapid succession, and he will fall. Reload the game to claim his gear. (But this only works if he hasn't noticed you.)

        aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - I wish I had known :P I pretty much just engaged with swings and dodges, I only use the gun for parries and I usually don't try with bosses for the risk/reward...

      If you dash forward and attack you can knock him back, which will result in him falling off the tower.

      But don't bother killing him because he can become an ally. All you have to do is wait until you kill the Darkbeast Paarl and approach him from behind. If you promise not to kill anyone he'll give you stuff.

        Damn, wish I knew that beforehand. The nature o Souls games I guess... What does he give you out of interest?

          The same badge you'd get for killing him and a new gesture.

    Telltale's Game of Thrones episodes 1-3. Would happily have kept going if those weren't the only episodes currently out.

    Also put some time into GTAV (mainly just faffing about as I've finished the story with $1bn+ on each character and am just half-heartedly cleaning up collectibles etc.) and a little GTAOnline (which I find to be largely pointless, though I should try giving it a chance in something other than races).

    Also spent about 3-4 hours with This War of Mine. I keep keeping to around day 8 then restarting when I lose one of my characters because I stupidly decide I will take on an armed stronghold with nothing but a crowbar.

    Bloodborne, followed by bloodborne and a little bit of bloodborne
    OH! Almost forgot, Bloodborne.

    Lots of family time, so lots of boardgames. Never have a I so consistently had my ar$e handed to me in a game like Catan before :(

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