Off Topic: What Do You Subscribe To?

We live in the day and age of the subscription. We subscribe to services and have our unlimited fill. What do you currently subscribe to?

I'm starting to collect subscriptions.


— Xbox LIVE — PlayStation Plus — Spotify — Netflix — UFC Fight Pass

I'm also seriously considering subscribing to the WWE Network even though I haven't watched wrestling seriously for years.

Of those services I'd say that Netflix is the best (easily) and UFC Fight Pass is a bit ordinary, but I'm a big enough MMA fan to stomach it.

What are you guys and girls subscribing to? What would you recommend?


    - Netflix (I'm absolutely loving Netflix atm, as is the wifey!)
    - NordVPN
    - 3 physical comic books (Captain America, Star Wars & Avengers)
    - World of Tanks premium account.
    - Subscribed to PS+ for a month when the PS4 came out, then quickly went straight back to the PC. I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED at the prices that are charged for console gaming. I took one look at the PlayStation store and went straight back to Steam...

    Playstation Plus
    Tragically trialing Foxtel Play purely to watch F1 properly

    Just PS+
    I can, with pride say that I am no longer a subscriber to WoW as of about a week ago...
    Alright lets be honest here, I will probably resub once tanaan jungle goes live but hey, I might save myself $60 in the meantime

    Only toward one Twitch streamer. Used to be subscribed to Crunchy Roll but the anime I watched on it finished.

    Just Netflix and Xbox live gold.

    I tried WWE Network, but they don't stream Raw. When they do, I'll sign up again.

    PlayStation Plus
    Netflix (US)
    Getflix (dns service to switch Netflix regions)
    Spotify (prev. Google Music but console app caused me to switch).

    I have an Empire Magazine subscription (Christmas gift) and not sure it counts as a subscription, but I have active season passes to Tales from Borderlands and Game of Thrones from Telltale.

    Foxtel Play (2 days in and thinking I'll cancel before my 2 weeks free ends).

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    Had to crack open the banking account to see, because I REALLY don’t keep proper track of what comes out of my account.

    Playstation Plus (annual)
    World of Warcraft (bi-annual)
    Shit… Wildstar (bi-annual – I KEEP FORGETTING TO UNSUB)
    Shit…? Star Wars: The Old Republic (quarterly? Wow, I really do keep forgetting to unsub everything I don’t use… at least I’ll have cartel coins)
    Netflix (monthly – just the free month HD so far, we’ll see how that goes)
    Pandora (annual - would be Spotify, but that chews through damn near double the mobile data at over double the price; why no long-term discounts, Spotify?)
    Xbox Live Gold (annual – I really should cancel this one, I don’t have a xbone and the 360 isn’t even plugged in anymore)
    VPN (monthly – changes by service; I’ve used Overplay for ping-reduction/region-unlocking for ages, but sometimes their service turns to shit for streaming. Currently experimenting with others)

    Huh. Does phone, internet, health-fund, rented white goods, union fees, etc count? Man there’s a lot of crap coming out of my account every month.

    PS+, STAN, Presto (free trial), and Xbox Live (which I'll let lapse in Oct)

    PS Plus.
    Was thinking of switching to Stan when (and if) they get a PS4 app and there is nothing I want to watch on Netflix anymore.
    Cancelled my NBA Season Pass because I have so little time anymore.

    Foxtel, but we share 3 boxes on one account

    Getflix (to make Netflix worthwhile)
    Spotify (just the free one, contemplating the paid version)

    Xbox Live
    PS Plus (2 accounts because I'm an idiot and forgot to cancel on one)

    PS+ is pretty much all I'm subscribed to, along with one or two Twitch users. I almost had a Netflix subscription but after looking at their very limited line up I realised that there were only a couple of things I was half-interested in and would end up watching within the first free month anyway.


    Well, technically Netflix, but it's in the free trial and I'm about to cancel it.

    For the little TV I actually do watch I can easily find enough on the free TV station websites to occupy me. Other than that, I was pretty close to paying for a Unity subscription. Then they went free and I didn't have to.

    RIDE cycling review (actual paper magazine!)
    Wombles Down Under (AFC Wimbledon fanzine)

    I'm redoing my home network at the moment, once I've finished that I'll grab Netflix (and would get rid of Foxtel in a heartbeat if I could get sports reliably another way).

    Just Netflix. PS+ hasn't sold me yet, and my free Pandora somehow doesn't have any ads...

    Netflix (AU)
    XBox Live Gold
    WWE Network (up soon, won't renew until July)
    Private Internet Access (VPN)

    The WWE subscription's worth it if you have a few people around for a PPV barbecue once every three months, occasionally like to see matches from when you were 8 and wrestling was awesome and want to see some of the great-but-storyline-light stuff on NXT. It's not really for 'keeping up' with wrestling because it doesn't have the up-to-date shows. If you want to keep up with wrestling just watch the Mark Remark on Youtube.

    We are just tentatively stepping into the subscription service this year starting with:
    office 365
    we are trying WWE Network for the free April promotion and my gosh my childhood is only a click away now. Reliving the Attitude Era one smackdown and raw episode at a time.
    we will share a Netflix account with a friend starting after their free month expires
    and thanks to DBCLLC, we are trying Express vpn but are having mixed opinions on its worth.

    Netflix US
    Xbox Music
    XBL Gold

    Foxtel (as a motorsport fan they have me by the balls, there really is no alternative)

    I'm also thinking about Netflix, I guess I don't really understand it fully yet, It looks like I can view all old seasons of the shows they offer, but how up to date is it? how close to it releasing in the US will it be on Netflix? That will pretty much determine if I get it or not

      Give the Netflix free trial a go. It will answer all your questions :-)

    man...there are a lot of netflix subscribers on here. good stuff.

      Well, it is free at the moment. It hasn't been available in Aus. long enough for anyone to have had to pay for it.

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