One-Man Shop Behind Ambitious Space Sim Limit Theory Breaks Radio Silence

Given its recent string of depressing failures, stuff-ups and rorts, it's fair to say we're much more restrained when it comes to throwing money at Kickstarter. One of platform's darlings, Limit Theory from Josh Parnell, looked like it might too have joined the ranks of the damned. Fortunately, its creator has assured fans things are still ticking over.

Limit Theory is one of the few Kickstarter indie games that has followed through with its promise of constant, meticulous updates, so to say that a month's silence signalled the game's death is perhaps extreme.

The major con of constant news is that any sort of downtime is much more noticeable and with backers left hungry since February, RPS' Adam Smith took it upon himself to give Parnell an electronic tap on the shoulder.

The good news is that Parnell replied, reassuring the world that he — and Limit Theory — is alive:

In terms of everything being OK, though, well, here you have it — "everything is going to be OK!" :) I've never, ever considered abandoning LT, and I continue to work to the best of my abilities each day.

According to Smith, Parnell didn't go into much detail as to why updates have slowed — the article mentions "unrelated matters" required him to "cut back online communication". At least we know the expansive nature of the game and the work still left to do hasn't gotten him down.

Parnell Confirms Continuing Limit Theory Development [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Thats the crappy thing about 1 man shows, real life has a habit of butting in at any given moment and if you dont have anyone else to work or communicate it leads to massive issues, but good on him for keeping on track

    Real life caught up with him. Happens to everyone.

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