Our First Real Look At Actual Gameplay In Mad Max

For the past few weeks, you've probably seen a non-stop deluge of trailers for the upcoming Mad Max movie, which comes out next month. Now it's time to get a real look at the game too.

This new Mad Max, developed by Avalanche Studios (best known for Just Cause), is mostly a third-person action game, although it looks like there are first-person views for driving and sniping, among other things. It also looks really promising. Kind of like a cross between Fallout and, oh, Far Cry 4?

Watch the whole thing above. Mad Max is out September 1 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


    Thank christ they put the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

    I'm really hoping they don't rush this out. This could be an awesome game!

    Like Fallout mixed with Shadow Of Mordor. Comes out same day as Phantom Pain. Decisions, decisions...

    Can someone please explain to me how it is like Fallout? I have 1gb of internet allowance so I am too scared to watch videos.

      It's set in a wasteland and shit.

        So we are pretty much looking at a new Fallout game to be released September 1st?

          Yep. But without a sense of humour or vintage charm....

            So ... fallout without its soul?

              Just different. I actually think it's looking pretty killer!

          Think JUST CAUSE meets ARKHAM ASYLUM meets FALLOUT.

            It has more of a Rage vibe to me rather than Fallout. Like a 3rd person, more open world Rage.

              Absolutely, I just mean the trashed wasteland look, but to be fair, Fallouts main inspiration for its wasteland was actually Mad Max 2 in the first place lol. We've come full circle people!

    Doesn't look too linear, combat looks to be a little like the Arkham series and hopefully the Wasteland is huge. Only downside, movie tie-in game.

    Does look good though. Hope they release a demo for a test run.

      Movie tie in yes and no. It's not a movie game of Fury Road thankfully. They're pulling a 'based on', so they just use the character and setting of Max and the wasteland. From there, it's a whole new story. Plus it's the Just Cause guys and they dropped the 360 and PS3 versions apparently, which makes me uber happy :D

    I haven't watched the video with sound yet so I may be missing something in the narration, but WTF is that photo at 0:36?

      Max Rockatanskys family in the first movie, were killed by a bunch of bikers after the world went to hell. It's his only real motivation to go on I'd say, taking out his vengeance on the scum of the earth.

        That's what I thought, but I'm pretty sure Sprog was much younger than that photo when the Toecutter's gang got him. And I'm pretty sure Sprog was a boy... Seems like the devs haven't actually watched Mad Max.
        Surely it wouldn't be too hard to find a screencap from the movie for the photo?

        Last edited 24/04/15 10:05 am

          Probably can't due to rights potentially or something I imagine. Hence why no Mel Gibson likeness or Tom Hardy likeness. Also remember that in the original Rockatansky had a son and a wife, yet in the new one, it's a daughter and wife (for some reason???) The photo on the dash has a wife and daughter as well. A needless, useless change, but I imagine the whole 'he lost a wife and daughter' resonates in the heart more than 'he lost a wife and son' for some reason to developers.

          *Edit* Whoops just noticed you did see it was a boy not a girl originally my bad :)

          Last edited 24/04/15 10:11 am

            I can understand not being able to use actual likenesses, good point. But changing the gender and age of his lost child seems... Disrespectful? I don't know why it grinds my gears so*, but that one photo hurt my enthusiasm for the entire game.
            I'm hoping it's just one of those "Get something in there so we can put out the trailer" things that will be fixed up before release.

            *I blame my dad. He's a Mad Max die-hard.

              lolll Oh I agree entirely. I wonder if that was done for the yank audience honestly? I mean that tragic scene of his wife and kid running down the road etc. There really was no reason to change it at all.

    So lets point this out: They used actual Australian accents! Years back when they first showed it, they had an American voice, thankfully that's changed! Well done!

      Yep, I noticed it was pretty Aussie all round, right hand drive cars, accents, dinky di dog food etc. I wasn't really interested earlier but the video has started to sway me, will be interesting to see when it comes out what the gameplay is actually like.

      Thank god, i remember when it first was announced they said they would be american accents and i was super disappointed.

      Also they were pretty good accents, not too over the top.

        Yep, I dropped a complaint on their FB page, I remember hundreds of people liking it. Even Americans were complaining, *Americans* saying if he wasn't Australian, he wasn't Max. Anyone who tried to say 'it was ok he was american' was quickly shouted down by fans lol.

    If anyone complains about it being too violent just tell them "Dude they took his car!!!" no further justification needed.

    Also I hope the guns they do have comply with Australian gun laws........in the sense were not stumbling across M15s and the like.

      Would really limit the guns available! Dunno if I can take on the wastelands with a .22!

      I don't think gun laws would apply once the apocalypse comes......

        ... but where would the guns come from? I think the point is that there isn't some stockpile of assault rifles sitting in the outback waiting for the apocalypse. Sure, the army would have some, but the vast majority of bandits and outlaws would be stuck with what's most commonly available... pistols, shotguns and small-calibre rifles.

        To be honest, I'm fine with that. I have a feeling the emphasis is going to be on vehicular combat anyway, which is what you'd expect from a Mad Max game.

          I'm not saying I know farmers who may or may not have held onto a rifle or two in the backs of their sheds since the handover because of stupid reasons... I'm not saying I do at all.

          I'm not saying I don't either.

          There's a lot more of em out there too.

          You would have to be pretty naive to believe that assault rifles and other "controlled weapons" wouldn't be hard to come by for the bandits, and as you mentioned the army (not to mention police) stockpile would be a factor, and those weapons would find their way into the hands of the criminals eventually once society has crumbled to the point seen in Mad Max.

          Also, as weresmurf mentioned, people kept hold of guns that they probably shouldn't have. Aside from all that, it was said in the trailer ammo is scarce so weapons probably will be also, the focus seems to be hand to hand and vehicle combat.

            I'm not saying they're not out there... but compared to somewhere like the US, our gun:bandit ratio would be tiny.

            I personally think the pistol/shotty/.22 scenario fits better into the theme of the game... ammo is scarce, so you don't want a gun that fires so many of your precious bullets so quickly. Plus, it gives a reason for them to restrict the high-powered firearms to the higher-tier baddies/boss characters.

    It looks good but it seems like WB is just turning into Ubisoft and making all their games the same.

    So it's like a third person Borderlands, without the cartoony charm? I'm sold.

    I think this is about as close to an Interstate '76 remake as I'm going to get.

    There is something oddly satisfying about seeing actual useable binoculars in an open world game

    "Scrotos and his warboys"

    Scrotos??? Really???

    for some reason this game just doesnt seem gory enough given the context.... dark but not gory....

    Hopefully there will be more driving than fighting.

    Looks awesome. I saw this at E3 in 2013 and that feels like forever ago. I recall it looking good and also the devs saying they weren't specifying where in the world it is when I asked if it was based in AUS. However they did suggest I look at the stars if I wanted to find where it is located.. I assume a southern cross will feature based on that.

    Either way it looks way better than I was expecting and an kind of keen now.

    Just Cause Meets Fallout? holy crap this looks amazing, can't wait to play

    This game looks freaking awesome.

    Though, I don't know why people keep mentioning that it's like Fallout.

    Mad Max doesn't have mutants, ghouls, guys in power armour, plasma cannons, laser rifles, a 1930s-1950s backdrop, or any mention of nuclear fallout.

    The only thing similar is the dystopian dirt.

    You can't even eat cans of dog food in Fallout.

      Apparently anything dusty and post-apocalyptic = Fallout

        They had a dust storm in Brissy a few years back...

        It was basically Fallout.

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