PC Case Costs More Than Most PCs

PC Case Costs More Than Most PCs

It’s taken three years, but that ridiculously expensive PC case we showed you a while back has finally entered production. And no, it hasn’t had a price cut.

Formerly called the MURDERBOX, it’s since been rebranded as something more fitting for an expensive piece of PC hardware: the XFORMA MKII, which has just the right amount of misspelling, roman numerals and use of the letter “x” to look right at home in this market.

PC Case Costs More Than Most PCs

It costs $US1250, and that’s just for the base model. There are add-ons (like extra grills, fans and optical drives) that will jack the price up even further. How’d the price get so high? Stuff like a solid aluminium motherboard tray, tons of liquid cooling, a rack of modular aluminium HDD bays and printed circuit boards on the panels of the case.

Event taking all that into account, it seems like a ridiculous price, but then, the company’s founder Charles Harwood has a point when he says “Conversations with our customers over the years led us to conclude that there’s legitimate interest in a precision-crafted, ultra-refined product like the MKII. Every other area of consumer electronics has a premium segment except desktop PC cases, and we’re proud to introduce the MKII into this underserved segment of the market.”

PC Case Costs More Than Most PCs

In other words, these cases aren’t for you or I. They’re a Rolls Royce. Other markets have items that the wealthy (those who would light a cigar with $US1250 in bills) can really splash out on; no reason PC gamers can’t either. Remember: billionaires can be PC gamers too.

PC Case Costs More Than Most PCs
PC Case Costs More Than Most PCs


  • and we’re proud to introduce the MKII into this underserved segment of the market
    I read this as ‘undeserved’ 🙂

    • so did I. Don’t get me wrong the case looks sweet, but most of the people I know who would use a case like that enjoy modding their cases to be like that. This is just focused on people with too much money, and sadly I am not one of those people.

  • Have a look at caselabs cases. The slide out mobo tray, they did it. Huge cases, they did it.

  • I really like the pared back, minimalist aesthetic. It’s really nice, but it wouldn’t look out of place in a an office – when i bought my pc a few years ago i had to spend ages looking for a case that didn’t look like some over-egged monstrosity with weird lines and sparkly lights all over it.

  • I had the Tj07 (which the original Murderbox was based on) and now a Tj11, they are great cases and the build quality on them is great. They are not cheap though, so that would be the main reason the price on this is pushed up

  • Looks so good,
    I’ve seen this case in the Murderbox builds on MDPX and loved the look of them.
    Had no idea they were developing it to be a stand alone case.
    Looking at all the details of the case up close is amazing, I would love this case. The price is quite high but looking at all the materials and parts used it’s justified.

  • It looks lovely, but I’d rather spend the big bucks on what goes inside the case and mod the outside myself

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