PC Game Officially Runs At 12K Resolution

PC Game Officially Runs At 12K Resolution

The idea of 12K (11520×2160 resolution) gaming is nothing new. Even Microsoft has been talking about it for a couple of years now. But it's one thing to demo it as some pie-in-the-sky ideal of a brighter future, and another for an actual game to officially support the ludicrous resolution at launch.

That game is Project CARS, and while there's no such thing in 2015 as a 12K monitor (even 4K monitors are rare), the support is there on the understanding that some maniac, somewhere, will own three 4K monitors and string them together

The game actually demoed this support back at E3 (and CES) last year, as part of an Nvidia showcase, but that was for E3 (and a graphics card company to boot), where "realistic expectations for home use regardless of personal wealth" and "video game visuals" rarely intersect.

Since the actual game will officially support it though, it will be interesting to see real humans in the outside world owning a rig with three 4K monitors (which is probably not you or me) be able to try this out.

Here's what that demo looked like, if you want to suddenly feel inadequate:


    But can it play Cr - oh, right.
    Of course it fucking can.

    Almost feels like yesterday when I was playing on my 160x144 px Game Boy.

    It's possible I am innumerate, however the idea of putting three 4k monitors together does not come accross as 12k gaming to me...

      Yeah, 3x 4k monitors does not equal 12k. It equals 3x 4k monitors.

      Well, I suppose technically speaking it does (ie from the bottom corner of the left monitor to the top corner of the right, you have 12K-level pixels) but that doesn't really give you true 11520×2160 resolution.

        Well 4K is 4096 x 2160 pixels (where the 4K standard comes from as opposed to 16:9 '4K' which is 3840 x 2160). 3 of them would give you 12288 x 2160, which is where the 12K would come from, since the vertical resolution doesn't seem to be taken into consideration in the 4K naming convention.

        To clarify, it's confusing because DCI 4K is different to UHDTV 4K which is what all our monitors run at as far as I know.

        Last edited 16/04/15 8:30 pm

          My LG monitor is DCI 4K, but yeah, most are UHD

          There are multiple DCI 4K ratios, some of which are under 4000px width. I don't know why people keep arguing like UHD isn't 'real' 4K when the original DCI standards have varying widths as well.

          Not saying you're arguing that, but there are some really smug articles out there trying to claim UHD isn't 'real' 4K when it is. 4K was never a fixed width in the original standard, it was always approximate.

            Oh yeah, totally not arguing that, was just pointing out that it's technically correct to call it 12K.

            More importantly, I wonder if this variance in formats will have any annoying effects. I remember back in the 360 days where TVs were 1366x768 but the standard console output was 1280x720, so the image would stretch out and it'll look less crisp and shit compared to if it ran natively.

      You're correct. The standards typically relate to Horizontal pixels on a 16:9 (or similar) ratio, these monitors have been stacked horizontally for a 27:16 ratio, with a resolution of 11520×2160 and a total of 24.8MP.

      'True 12K', or more accurately, 12K Horizontal pixels @ 16:9 ratio would have another 2 rows (6 monitors) on top of this for a resolution of 11,520x6480 and 74.6MP.

      So no, this should not really be called 12K. Either that or my setup of 2x24" Monitors @ 1920x1200 each should be considered 4K because I have a horizontal resolution of 3840 just like all the UHD TVs...

    "Suck it consoles"

    Yep Mhmm.
    That computer would cost exactly how much again?

      In the old days you could hook up 3 playstation 2 consoles to do this kind of thing, it would be cool if they still supported that. 3 x PS4s cost less than a single GTX Titan card...

    That's not "officially" 12k... you should probably adjust the misleading heading to this article, lest you appear ignorant.

    Actual 12K would be 12288x6480. Or, if you follow the UHD = 4K theme, then it'd be 11520x6480. Not 11520x2160, which is only 1/3 of that.

      hes just being lazy referring to 3 4k monitors as being 12k

      but thats just semantics

    Wouldn't it be cheaper, easier and more immersive to just use something like the Occulus Rift?

    And yet they are playing it in 3rd person view! What a waste....

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