Playing A Real Life First Person Shooter With A Real Life Halo Gun

I had never heard of 'Airsoft' until about 20 minutes ago, but I'm going to try and explain it: it's like paintball, except there's no paint, and real actual ballistics are involved. Instead, non-metallic pellets are fired from replica guns. It sounds and looks like a lot of fun.

Particularly if you take the time to design and build incredibly intricate replicas of Halo weapons.

The weapon, in this case, is the Spartan Laser.

The details on this replica are absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't function like that actual Spartan Laser, which was sort of like a future laser thing that completely destroyed vehicles on one shot. This is more like a pulse rifle of sorts, but it does seem to 'charge' in its own weird way.

Regardless, this thing is bloody beautiful, and almost single-handedly explains to me how people can become obsessed with firearms.

It's glorious.


    These are illegal here

    I had never heard of ‘Airsoft’ until about 20 minutes agoUnfortunately Airsoft guns (also BB guns) are illegal in Australia without a proper firearms license and such (despite a lot of BB guns being kid's toys) so it's not really surprising that most people haven't heard of it. Of course, I'm talking about laws that were in effect a decade or so ago so maybe its changed in recent times?

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      I don't think it's changed, however airsoft has been around for a very long time and was always developed for a recreational sport in mind. unfortunately i think they're still illegal in australia so we'll have to stick to paintball

        yep still illegal and you can blame 8 year old me from 1991 for that

      the sport itself is still illegal. In some states you're able to have spring loaded plastic pistols for target shooting provided they aren't above 180fps without requiring a firearms license

    I call bullshit on the Spartan Laser destroying vehicles in one hit. To this day it takes 2-3 hits to take out the enemy Warthog/Wraith/whatever in Halo:Reach.

    It's very big in New Zealand. I've heard some pretty amazing stories from some of my friends over there battling it out in night-time Counterstrike style scenarios, complete with bomb defusals and the like.

    and real actual ballistics are involved

    Look, I don't want to be that guy, but can someone explain this.

    How does airsoft, with it's 300–500 fps (according to a quick Google search), offer 'real actual ballistics' (the wordsmith in me is calling this a tautology, too) over paintball's 300 fps? As far as I know there is no rifling or bullets in airsoft guns, so aren't the in-flight characteristics of a paintball and BB the same?

    Sorry, I'm a paintball player and any comparisons to airsoft get my Agent Orange up.

    But hate aside, airsoft guns are cool for mods like this.

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