Fine Art: Please Enjoy These Halo Stabbings

Please Enjoy These Halo Stabbings

So, yesterday, I posted some animation work and said we needed to do more of it here on Fine Art. Tonight, then: More awesome games animation work.

Up first is Dave Gibson, who worked on Evolve before recently moving to Blizzard:

Next up is Will Christiansen, who is currently working on Halo 5. Below is some of the stuff he did for Halo 4. I love these kind of animation vids: strip back everything else from the game and you can really appreciate the little touches they put in.

And finally, we have Tony Mecca, who has worked on a ton of big games and movies:

Hope you enjoyed this stuff! And remember, while we tend to focus mostly on 2D stuff here on Fine Art because, well, we're a 2D medium, I'm always happy to show off the work of animators, VFX artists, 3D artists, basically anyone who works in video games and makes cool art stuff!

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    It's a shame that Halo doesn't output animations at anything more than 30fps. So much fidelity is lost in the game compared to the reel by Christiansen. If you've ever ran theatre mode and played the game at a speed lower than normal, you can see how the character animations don't actually slow down and play as if in correspondence to the speed at which the theatre is being played, instead the animation is played out slowly, frame-by-frame and plays at a slower framerate to accommodate for the slowing down in time. This isn't a problem realtime because Halo runs at 30fps but it sucks that due to that limitation, a smaller details in the original animations get lost ingame. Take the source engine for example, all the animations, when exported into the engine can be played at whatever speed and still remain fluid due to the engine tweening the animation to match the change in play speed.

    If you can't already tell -- I'm bothered by this hahaha

      What about chief collextion where all the games run in 60fps?

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