Pokémon Artist Creates '2.5D Manga', And It's Incredible

Pokémon Artist Creates

Manga is flat. It's on printed paper. It's two-dimensional. This manga is somewhat different and totally wonderful.

As pointed out by Get News, this "2.5D manga" was created by an artist named Muneo Saito.

Besides working as a manga artist on several comics published in Weekly Shonen Sunday and CoroCoro Comic, Saito did the manga Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys. Saito has also worked at Game Freak (more here), doing Pokémon designs since the second generation.

On Twitter, Saito has been uploading a series of 2.5 manga images. The plot for the 2.5 manga below involves a transfer student, who gets assigned to a seat in the back row. Even if you don't read Japanese, you should be able to follow the story:

Making them seems rather complex, and here's a look at how it's done:

If you like this 2.5D manga art (or just art in general), you should follow Saito on Twitter.


    Why is it always school girls and up skirt shots? Seriously... little girls nickers?
    But it is a very cool idea, but I remember seeing something similar back in the 1970's :)

      More importantly, what the hell is going on with her leg in that picture. It's like she was in some kind of horrific tractor accident.

        Dude, it's quasi-hentai. These are questions that the consumers will not ask.

    Paddington TV series - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddington_(1975_TV_series)

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