Project Cars. 15 Minutes. 60 Frames Per Second. 1080p. Helmet Cam.

I know, video games are not numbers. But sometimes numbers are sexy. Particularly when it comes to Project Cars. Want to watch this game running on the PS4 in Helmet Cam mode, at full resolution, 60 frames per second? I know you do. Just give in.

Veni Vidi Vici, has a whole host of these videos, showcasing the game's 'realistic' helmet cam. The helmet cam sort of works like that Need For Speed 2 Unleashed had back in the day. Some purists see it as the best way to experience racing games, particularly one's with a commitment to real physics like Project Cars.

But really, for me, this is just an excuse to get all excited about how good the game looks. And I don't even enjoy racing simulators that much. This is pure graphics porn for me. Pour it into my eyeballs, damn the consequences.

Crank the settings high, slam that baby into full-screen and enjoy.

You can watch way more of this video game pornography here.


    Nice to see VVV getting some coverage. Alan has done a great service to the sim racing scene for years, and these videos are no different.

    Plus this is going to get Project Morpheus support... sweet!

    I would love to get this on ps4 but no G27 support = No buy PC version on the other hand cant wait!!!

      I was thinking of giving in and buying a Thrustmaster or Fanatec..

    i'm not usually much for realistic racers like this, but hot damn that is one sexy bit of footage

    I'm getting it on PC. Hoping that the online experience isn't as bad as other public racers I've been in.

    C'mon Logitech, you're gonna make me buy this on PC instead of PS4..

    These sort of games will be interesting to see running with Sony's VR system. I sold my PS4 so I won't get a chance, still.

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