PSA: Update Your Rockstar Social Club Password To Avoid Hijacking

PSA: Update Your Rockstar Social Club Password To Avoid Hijacking

Since late last week the Rockstar support Twitter account has been hammered with reports of Social Club account hijackings keeping folks from playing games like Grand Theft Auto V. There's a simple way to ensure this doesn't happen to you — change your password.

Judging by the volume of tweets the support team is fielding and the number of emails we've received regarding the issue, a small but substantial group of users have been finding themselves locked out of their Rockstar Social Club accounts. Fixing the issue involves opening a ticket with Rockstar support, who are working with users on restoring account access.

According to a Rockstar statement sent to Kotaku over the weekend, Rockstar Social Club information has not been compromised.

As confirmed yesterday, the Rockstar Games Social Club has not been compromised. However, it appears that attempts have been made to access user accounts using email and password combinations from an unaffiliated, compromised website or database elsewhere on the internet. For the accounts affected, we are in the process of reverting those accounts back to their original owners. As a reminder, it is a good policy to ensure that the Rockstar Games Social Club account username and password is not shared across multiple websites on the internet.

A good policy indeed. Change that password up, lest unaffiliated hacks dig into your Grand Theft Auto V time.


    Victim here. These instances could have been reduced if their system required the owner to confirm changes to email address edits with an actual email to the original email address.

    Or how about detecting changes to IP address locations, and an email confirmation to confirm you are indeed playing at a different address.

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    Perhaps if they want to make their DRM (Or just gaming service in general) required, it should be at least as secure as others. Especially since, if it gets 'stolen', they get your R* games too, unless I'm mistaken.

    Seems to me that the only people that the Social Culb and GTA V's DRM is harming are the paying customers.

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    I don't even know my login details for the Rockstar Social Club. It just kinda logged me in automagically with Steam.

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the public. I would also like to point out that Rockstar is the only company I know that doesn't use double verification, and that their first line support staff don't have the required authorisation to actually reinstate accounts. It's really, really shameful for a company this size, and costumers deserve to know.

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