PSN Pre-Order Glitch Has Gone Ignored For Months

PSN Pre-Order Glitch Has Gone Ignored For Months

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has been out for a while now, but a pre-order glitch has been causing havoc for users, and Sony has yet to address it. This seems wrong.

A lengthy thread on the PlayStation support forum (and another on Capcom’s forums) has been around since late February, and details how a quirk with a piece of downloadable content for Capcom’s episodic Resident Evil has been causing problems for users elsewhere on PSN.

Some folks pre-ordered Revelations 2 on PSN because it came bundled with a set of retro maps for the game’s popular Raid Mode. Unfortunately, that map pack has yet to unlock for some users, despite the pack being readily available for purchase through PSN. It’s just… stuck.

PSN Pre-Order Glitch Has Gone Ignored For Months

Despite deleting everything and downloading the game’s content over again, nothing’s changed.

About a month ago, Sony support marked it “solved” to let users know it was looking into it.

PSN Pre-Order Glitch Has Gone Ignored For Months

It remains a problem, however. Over the last few weeks, I’ve received a steady drip of emails from readers letting me know the issue remains unresolved, and they can’t access their content.

The problem goes beyond a few maps in Resident Evil, however.

“The really, really scary thing here is that because of the map pack being busted, no one can restore their game licenses on their PSN accounts,” said one reader. “It causes an error.”

That’s a huge problem, and it’s not only impacting Revelations 2 players. It’s happening to Dying Light owners, as well, who are reporting an inability to install the game’s season pass. Phone calls to customer service agents result in being assigned a ticket but few resolutions.

PSN Pre-Order Glitch Has Gone Ignored For Months

The connection between the two appears to be pre-ordering/pre-loading games on PSN.

“We are aware of the situation and are currently working with Sony on it,” said Capcom in a brief statement.

“We are aware of an issue affecting some customers that pre-ordered Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PS4, and are working on a solution,” said Sony in a separate statement.

Neither statement, unfortunately, provides a timetable for resolution, any assurance it’s coming in a timely manner, or addresses why this has been basically ignored for several months now.

“Many of us from the thread have called Sony,” one reader told me, “down right begged them to simply just remove the entire REV2 game off of our accounts and not even give us money back, just so we can have our licenses fixed. Seems like only one or two people ever got help, the rest of us are, as we say here in Kentucky, floating up ‘shit creek’ without a paddle.”

That sucks, and it’s unfair.

Rest assured, I’ll keep bugging both companies about the issue.


  • I pre-ordered the Game of Thrones season pass and it doesn’t show up as purchased anywhere on the store.
    I can see it on my transaction history but I can’t actually access it. I need to chase this up with Sony but tbh I’d completely forgotten about it.

  • I love my PS4 but i know how bad from first hand experience Sony’s customer service is and how slow they are to resolve some issues.

  • I had some fairly major problems after ordering Drive Club. The pre-order DLC wasn’t available for something like a month after I ordered it.

    You were probably waiting for me to say “… and the game sucked” but if you don’t care about multiplayer it’s not too bad. I’ve heard they’ve also fixed the multiplayer now as well…

  • Any time your issue is marked as “solved” without being fixed, you’re about to be fucked over by support. It has been solved to boost their stats, and now they’re busy fixing other things that matter to their stats. They no longer care and have most likely forgotten about your issue.

  • They let the domain registration lapse for the servers all their online PC games required for login, they are buried in debt and get hacked at the drop of a hat.

    Oh, and Jamie Foxx as Electro.

    People should start hoping Microsoft buy the playstation division before it’s ruined forever.

  • This doesn’t surprise me, sadly. Since the recent update I’d been having issues with my party chat, so I jumped on the support forum for advice. While I was there I took time to browse through some older threads, and there have been people who have been struggling with MAJOR issues (for instance, an update 6 months ago caused a lot of people to suddenly lose all audio through their PS4) that have still gone unresolved. If I was one of the people who’d been affected, I’d be livid. 6 months with no sound? How do you justify that? I don’t know if having prior knowledge of their shonky customer service would have affected my decision to purchase a PS4, but it is disheartening to say the least.

  • Well this is really worrying, I just bought a PS4 and a PS Vita to get into all the sony exclusive games I’ve been missing out on, and had to ring customer service about an issue with accepting my credit card and they were great and resolved it.
    But now I’m worried this was a one off and overall they are shite. On the other hand, I’ve never exactly had even a remotely good experience when I had issues with my 360, or other MS accounts (e.g. Hotmail).

    Kinda unrelated, but I’ll tie this back in; when I bought Dark Souls 2 collectors edition (PC), I never got the pre-order weapons I was supposed to receive (it was apparently tied to the game key, rather than there being a separate code in the box). I contacted Steam support, and they directed me to contact Bandai Namco.
    I tried to contact Bandai Namco, and they only had a thing to email them (can’t remember if it was an email address, or just an online form). Regardless I filled this out, and after 2 weeks with no response, tried again. After a couple more weeks, still no response, I tried Steam support again, who reiterated there is nothing they can do and I should contact Bandai. So I tried again, and to this day, have had 0 responses to my 3 enquiries.

    So what I’m getting at here, is maybe Sony isn’t to blame (completely) here for these issues.
    Maybe they are going above Steams level and contacting the distributor/publishers of these games on the users behalf instead of just palming them off to them. And thus maybe it is the distributor/publisher who is not making any effort to resolve these issues, which may be partly or wholly on their end.
    Then again, maybe I’m wrong and Sony are just abyssal with customer support…

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