PT Is Going To Be Disappearing From The PlayStation Store Soon

Briefly: A note on the official website for the "playable teaser" for the next Silent Hill game says, "The distribution period of "P.T. (Playable Teaser)" on PlayStation Store will expire on Wednesday, April 29, 2015." It's unclear whether this is a new chapter in the bizarre, ongoing separation between superstar producer Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami. Timing sure is weird, though.


    Is it just me or does that look like Daryl from The Walking Dead TV series?

      Looks like Norman Reedus* which is what the character is based

        I freely admit I haven't played the Silent Hill franchise, but it definitely looks like a "clean" Daryl to me

        Edit: Ah, of course it does, Normal Reedus plays Daryl, Doh!

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          I'm not sure why they chose him to be the protagonists design but im not complaining in the slightest hahaha

    Does that mean it disappears from your PS4 if you've already downloaded it?
    Or just for people who want it in the future?

      Most likely it will just disappear from the store. You'll probably still be allowed to keep it.

      Nah, just means you can't 'purchase' it again, so if you've downloaded it you should be sweet.

    The likely loss of a Kojima and Del Toro driven Silent Hills is the most devastating part of the separation between Kojima and Konami :( I am absolutely gutted about this.

    We have had many great Metal Gear Solid games and I would be perfectly happy to leave it at MGSV. But PT showed that the team had amazing potential for psychological horror.

      MGSV is far enough into production to have Kojima leave (if it isn't a troll) and not have me worried about it.
      It's more finished than not, and all the story and details would have already been finished.

      Silent Hills on the other hand...
      I hope Kojoma still collaborates at least, if he's not part of Konami.
      That looked extremely promising!

    P.T. terrified the hell out of me, but I still dug it and was super keen for Silent Hills. What a bummer.

    So I can't seem to find it on the storefront at all. Any hints?

    *EDIT* Scratch that, I found it on the US store. Which I would of course never use due to being Australian. ;-)

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