Remember This?

I thought I'd stumped you all and then Jacka swoops in at the last minutes, "Black Cauldron perhaps?" No perhaps about it. It's Black Cauldron. Well done!

Now onto the next one! Hope you're all having a good Easter Weekend.


    I'm thinking either
    1. General Chaos
    2. Cannon Fodder...
    or 3. Jungle Strike.
    All Megadrive.
    (So many guesses, is that cheating? :P)

    Jungle Strike?

    Or maybe Populous...

    Last edited 03/04/15 12:31 pm

      Populous looks the goods.

        Definitely Populous.

        Populous >> Godus. Still play it occasionally.

          Haha I only put it in as my second guess after lemonmule beat me to the punch on Jungle Strike.

      Dang, one of the only times I actually recognised it =(

        You and me both... Im going with Populous too. Edit: Looks like its from the credits screen. See , far left with that bit of stone at the top.

        Last edited 03/04/15 2:06 pm


    Yeah, I'm inclined to go with Populous too. I rented that game way too many times as a kid on my Mega Drive :)

    Populus I would think, has that bullfrog green.

    Populus I would think, has that bullfrog green.
    But which version, Amiga?

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