Remember This?

I had you all stumped there, until that gosh darned Stanvangundy came over and totally guessed that yesterday's Remember This was Rollercoaster Tycoon. Well done, this one was a tough 'un.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Damn it, I was going to say Rollercoaster Tycoon but the fence didn't look familiar so I thought I was dumb.

    Anyway, I don't even have dumb ideas for today.

      Not even one about elephants in ballons?

        That gives me an idea for an amazing children's book.

          Dont even think about it Baron! Stampy and the Great Balloon Adventure is my idea!

    Jet Set Willy

    jet set willy

      Could be it

        Maybe, just a guess today as the screenshot looks a bit different but it could just be the quality after zooming in.

    manic miner

    Just stumbled across this and recognised it. Super Robin Hood.
    I remember waaay back in my youth when I saw the skeleton hanging on the wall it freaked me out because of the torture it implied. Not bad for an 8-bit graphic :)

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