Remember This?

People named a few Spectrum classics during yesterday's Remember This, but none of you managed to guess correctly. Time for a second clue!

Just for references, here's yesterday's image...

Good luck everyone!


    Just stumbled across this and recognised it. Super Robin Hood.
    I remember waaay back in my youth when I saw the skeleton hanging on the wall it freaked me out because of the torture it implied. Not bad for an 8-bit graphic :)

    Kid Icarus - NES

    I knew it was a spectrum game by the gfx, but it took me ages to hunt down the title.

    Super Robin Hood

    It's just unlucky for Mark that I'm on holidays with the extra time to spare. :)

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      Looks correct to me:

    Codename droid: strykers run 2. Red and blue looks same colour.... Don't know about the yellow bit though...

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