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Hey Casual Prolix, I'm going to give you Friday's Remember This, but I was pretty close to taking it to a second day. You said "wait, is it Time Crisis?! More specifically Time Crisis 4?" It wasn't Time Crisis 4, but it was Time Crisis. CLOSE ENOUGH.

So, new week, new Remember This! Good luck with it dear friends.


    Advance Wars on the GBA

    Edit. Looks like a Mountain vs Forest engagement

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      Beat me to it.

        Damn I love those games.

        Where’s Advance Wars for the 3DS!?!
        Or has it become another Nintendo title that they’ve come to a dead end with and decided to sit on (like F-Zero)?

        Surely there’s enough they can do with the core mechanics to justify a 3DS upgrade.

          Well don't forget that Intelligent Systems also does Fire Emblem so that's where the focus is at the moment. We might get one after the latest FE game

    That gives me a headache....
    (EDIT: to be more specific, the SNES version)

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    Friday's wasn't number 4? I was pretty sure number 4 was the one starting in the airport. I spent a lot of time in those stupid corridors, trying not to shoot the AI.

      Number 4 starts at the airport... I know this because I have replayed the airport many times... I always forget how bad TC4 is compared to TC1 (which at one point I could beat in just under 12 minutes... kind of a big deal), so I play it every now and again, remember why I don't like it, and then stop playing.

      Friday's is definitely not from 1 though, the textures are way too detailed. I went back and watched a playthrough just to be sure.

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    You should post the previous remember this as well (or a link to it), not sure if I saw last weeks but I love time crisis so would be interested in seeing what the image was.

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