Remember This?

Well done to falkirion001 who totally managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Advance Wars. Remember Advance Wars? I can't believe they haven't made a 3DS version of that yet.

Anyways, good luck with today's effort!


    007 Night fire

      Graphics aren't great so it has to be one of the PS1 era 007 games.

      Yeah I agree. I remember a cable car level up a mountain in that. Skyrail I think the level was called. If you get this I will be equally happy and sad (because I finally think i know one of these).

        We can all share in the glory haha, I was a massive fiend of Bond games, but sadly nothing could beat Goldeneye!

      Ding ding ding... we have a winner.

    Hmmm looks like a cable car... a bit james bond-ish.....dont thnk its any of the N64 games though. I think it looks like the cable car level from 007 Nightfire.

    Im going with that.

    No One Lives Forever.

    Pretty sure that had shell casings being expended when you fire, but it's been a really long time. Too long.

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