Remember This?

Well done to... everyone who managed to guess that yesterday's Remember This was James Bond 007 Nightfire. Particular congrats go to tr33t0ps who guessed first.

Now for today's image. Good luck my video game spotting savants.


    Final Fantasy 7 - Opening FMV

    I have been observing "Remember this" posts for a while now and I never have any clue as to the answer. So here is what I am going to do: I am going to guess Demon Souls every. single. time. Some day Mark will decide to put Demon Souls picture up and I will be right.

    So... Demon Souls.

      Have you been taking advice from @Shane and @Decoy?

        if he was taking advice from me then it would be Biker Mice from Mars obviously

        LOL... and here I am thinking it is an original idea...

      just want to point out ive wont this 5 times using biker mice from mars. So its not t hat bad of a strategy :P

        LOL Some day, I will win just like you.

          Join the glory

        The funny thing is Shane's only had a couple of wins because it's always The Dig when he's not looking.

          i have a lot of respect for shane but recently he just hasn't been posting in remember this. I feel like he left the torch for me to carry on and honestly with work and daylight saving messing me up (in WA) i struggle to find the time each day.

    Silent Hill?
      Definitely looks like a Playstation game

    Tomb Raider?

    Also might throw in Splinter Cell just for fun.

    Maybe an older PC FPS.... Couldn't pick which though, so I'm going to take the cowards way out and name a heap of them.

    Rise of the Triad, Deus Ex, Soldier of Fortune, Duke Nukem 3d, Quake, Hexen, Half Life

    Thought about it some more, and the textures do actually remind me of PS games, so I'm also going to throw in the PS versions of Armageddon and Tomb Raider.

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