Remember This?

Oh man, the sweet adrenaline rush of 'victory'. No-one managed to guess yesterday's Remember This so we have to take it to day 2.

Here's yesterday's image for reference...

Good luck everyone!


    Fatal Frame... or the original Order on the playstation :P

    Alone in the Dark

      Textures look about right for the '92 version. Actually.. it could be a bunch of adventure games from 92.

      IJ: Fate of Atlantis, The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Serrated Scalpel, something like that

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    Pretty sure this is Shadow of Rome... Game was excellent!

    Not the same image but the carpet looks similar.!prettyPhoto[images]/16/

      You got it!

        This game was awesome... even though I only played the arena fights at a mates place... what a game!

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    7th guest?
    Was considering guessing this yesterday but I'm not confident.

      Nah, I tried that yesterday.

        All I really remember is the mouse puzzle anyway.

          Mouse puzzle? I don't remember that one!

            Ah, looks like I was thinking of 11th Hour (sequel to 7th guest)

    Gah! I was gonna say 7th guest :p I'll say 11th hour then!

    Eternal Darkness

    Clive Barker's Undying

    It's probably already been guessed correctly above but I'll throw in one because why not.
    The image probably isn't grainy enough but is it Yumemi Mystery Mansion on Mega CD? (aka Mansion of Hidden Souls)
    Yeah, nah.

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