Remember This?

Someone finally guessed that Friday's (and Thursday's and Wednesdays') Remember This was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Really surprised it took that long, but congrats to falkirion001 who was quickest on the trigger on Friday.

Good luck with today's effort chums.


    Jade Empire
    So needs a re-release...

    Jade Empire

      Oh Decoy, you've changed brooo..... :P Nice work though!

        What do you mean? Don't you remember the Jade Empire/Biker Mice from Mars crossover?

      how quickly did you submit Biker Mice and then get the turn around for Jade Empire? haha wouldve been a tense 10 seconds!

      Damn you!

      I had this one straight away. I loved Jade Empire. One of Bioware's forgotten gems.

      Next time stick to BMFM only please. ;p

      (And well done.)

    Jedi Knight 2. Looks to me like the level where you visit the Jedi Academy and Luke makes you do the force tutorial trials to re-earn your lightsaber.

    Last edited 20/04/15 12:22 pm

    Final Fantasy 8

    looks like a Tomb Raider. @lithium sorry i didn't notice you posting the same answer.

    Last edited 20/04/15 12:46 pm

    God Of War.

    Thinking on some of Witcher3 or GTA5 videos out at the moment... isn't incredible how the visuals have gotten in games.
    Even Jade Empire looked amazing back in the day...

    This works with reverse image search. Boo.

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