Remember This?

Well done Decoy! You totally guessed a Remember This that wasn't Biker Mice From Mars. It's a Christmas miracle. In April.

(Oh, and the answer was Jade Empire.)

Good luck with today's effort!


    Is it High Seas Havoc on the Mega Drive? I used to rent that game as a kid all the time, haha :)

    Oh Oh! This one is Biker Mice from Mars!

        Man I wish someone had beaten you to it!

        It would have been like the ‘slow clap’ scene in Not Another Teen Movie.

          It's happened before... I think the guy who guessed it didn't realize, then deleted it to let decoy get it.

          Kotaku commenters are great.

      It finally happened! Yesterday was Christmas Eve. is the true Christmas...

      Nice try Serrels! Cant sneak one past Decoy...valiant attempt though.

    California Games : The surfing game

    It's been a long time coming. Persistence has finally paid off...

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