Remember This?

Goddammit! I thought I'd be able to beat Decoy at his own game, get him while he was weak with victory. Yesterday's Remember This was Biker Mice From Mars. Nice job Decoy for still having the wherewithall to guess it correctly.

I have a feeling today's might be a little too easy. Good luck!


    Biker Mice from Mars! :D

      ...while he was weak with victory.

      It only makes him stronger Serrels.

    Maybe God of War or Prince of Persia: Warrior Within?

      Pretty sure it is God of War, but which title?

        Looks like the start of the first one

        EDIT: Oh hey, that's the actual shot that was used for this game.

        Last edited 22/04/15 12:32 pm

          Damnit. I knew it was that first tutorial bossfight as soon as I saw the image.

          But alas, I was too late. Curse you, lunchtime meetings!

    I remember when Shane used to guess The Dig every day ... then the day he didn't .. it was The Dig.

    Great times.

      haha yeah i remember that. poor bastard.

    I thought it was Rayman 2.... it is not, apparently...

    Looks like the opening moments of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on the ship just prior to wading through some water and cutting the rope to end up back on the main deck.

    Dark Cloud?

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