Remember This?

I had a feeling yesterday's Remember This was a wee bit too easy, but congrats to Casual Prolix who managed to guess it relatively easily and relatively quickly! Nice job.

Good luck with today's effort people!


    Robot Chicken

      Would've been my guess. A stop motion Zelda game would be interesting though :D

      Last edited 23/04/15 12:20 pm

    Link and the Vine

    Last edited 23/04/15 12:18 pm

      Featured in an article a little while back I recall. Knew it was something stop motion animated!

    Deleted: Someone beat me to the punch.

    Isn't this meant to be remembering video games though, not videos about video games?

    Last edited 23/04/15 12:24 pm

    I have no idea why, but I was literally frightened when I saw the thumbnail. Like, my heart sank into my stomach for some reason, no joke....

    This is from that claymation thing that was posted awhile ago where Link fights a boss.

    Congrats guys you broke him, Serrels is officially a broken man.

      What will tomorrow bring? A picture of serrel's laundry piled up on his bed? You can see the faint outline of a human shape where he has managed to shuffle the clothes around him so he can still sleep.

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